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Dull Skin

Definition: It is a physiological state characterized by a lack of uniformity of complexion, luminosity, radiance, by an often grayish skin with an irregular skin texture.
Internal and external causes: Lack of sleep, poor blood circulation, skin aging process, hormonal upheaval, stress, cold, pollution, smoking, poorly performed makeup removal/cleaning of the skin, excessive exposure to UV rays, excessive alcohol consumption.
How to reduce or eliminate: Double-cleanse every night; implement an appropriate beauty routine by introducing cosmetics with antioxidant ingredients in the morning (vitamin C, ferulic acid, etc.) and keratolytic ingredients in the evening (citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, PHA, etc.); massage the skin using circular movements when applying skincare products to boost blood and lymphatic microcirculation.
Preventative steps to take: Protect your skin daily against UV rays in all circumstances; exfoliate your skin once a week; adopt a regular sleep rhythm; limit your tobacco consumption and sun exposure; moisturize your skin; avoid aggressive makeup products and focus instead on moisturizing formulas; never neglect skin hydration.

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