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Charte de formulation de Typology

Typology formulation charter

When we create our formulas, we make sure you'll be able to understand every ingredient used in them. They're simple, minimal, and address specific concerns, so we can provide solutions for all skin and hair types.

A closer look at our formulation charter

We always err on the side of caution, so when we choose our raw materials, two factors must be taken into account: their impact on health and on the environment. As a result, our ingredient blacklist is one of the strictest on the market. We do our utmost to ensure that our formulas do not contain any of the many ingredients that can present a risk to human health or the environment. As a vegan brand, we do not use any animal-derived ingredients, and every single one of our ingredient lists is carefully checked before being validated. 

All our formulas are 100% made in France and vegan. Our Research & Development laboratory is based in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement. We work hand in hand with our in-house engineers, formulator and chemist, as well as partner laboratories across the country. As a French brand, we comply with the stringent European regulations for cosmetics, which already ban over 1,300 ingredients. But we've also decided to go even further, refusing to use many ingredients that are legally authorized, so we can reassure our customers and guarantee their safety.

When we select our natural active ingredients, we give priority to those that come from organic farming and are produced using gentle extraction techniques, without the use of controversial solvents.

Valeurs de Typology

Our values

When we develop a new product, we always follow four principles that are extremely important to us.

- Minimalism: We only select active and functional ingredients that are required for the product to be both effective and stable. We do not use ingredients that will have absolutely no impact on its effectiveness, such as fragrances or coloring agents. All our formulas are developed with a limited number of ingredients – often less than twenty. In the case of our TEN range, designed for sensitive skin, the maximum number of ingredients is ten.  

- Safety: If any doubts are raised about the safety of a particular ingredient or its environmental impact, we take a close look at the scientific data available and, if necessary, we add the ingredient to our blacklist.

- Naturalness: Our skincare formulas contain at least 80% ingredients of natural origin according to the ISO 16128 standard. Many players from the beauty industry were behind the development of this standard, which makes it possible to have a harmonized definition of natural and organic ingredients. The majority of our formulas actually contain over 90% naturally derived ingredients, and our PLANTES range is certified organic in accordance with the COSMOS standard.

- Transparency: All our ingredient lists are available on the many product pages on our website. For each formula, we provide detailed information about the active ingredients and how they work on the skin. With our LAB range, you can see the exact concentration of the main actives as well. We also indicate the scores given by external, independent beauty apps that check the ingredients in products.

Valeurs de Typology.

Ingredients we refuse to use – and why

These are the main criteria we look at when we consider whether to ban an ingredient from being used in our products.

  • CMR substances

Certain chemicals, when used alone or in mixtures, can be harmful to human health. Some of these are called "CMR" as they are classified carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction. These terms are defined by regulations.

- Carcinogens (C): substances and mixtures that – through inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption – can cause cancer or increase the risk of developing cancer.

-Mutagens (M): substances and mixtures that – through inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption – may induce heritable genetic defects or increase their incidence.

-Toxic to reproduction (R): substances and mixtures that – through inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption – can induce or increase the incidence of non-inheritable adverse effects in the progeny and/or impair reproductive capability.



  • Toxicity

    Toxicity is the measurement of a substance's ability to be dangerous or harmful to the health of all life forms, such as human beings, bacteria, plants, or substructures of these organisms. Toxicity depends above all on the doses of ingredients. There are therefore several levels of toxicity. These include acute toxicity (short term), which describes the adverse effects that result from a single exposure to a high concentration of the substance. Chronic toxicity (long term) refers to the adverse effects that result from repeated, long-term exposure to a low concentration of the substance.

  • Pollution

    Pollution refers to the degradation of the environment due to substances (natural, chemical or radioactive), waste (household or industrial), or various other pollutants (noise, light, thermal, biological, etc.).

  • Animal origin or animal-derived

    Animal-derived ingredients refer to all ingredients or by-products derived from an animal or from the exploitation of animals.

  • Endocrine disruptors

    Endocrine disruptors are chemical substances of natural or artificial origin that are foreign to the body and can alter functions of the endocrine system, consequently causing adverse health effects in an intact organism or its subpopulations.

  • Unethical production and cultivation

    Products derived from the exploitation of children or animals, or involving people working in unethical conditions.

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Les Interdits de Typology.

Our certifications and labels

Cruelty-free and Vegan

All Typology products are PETA approved.
The PETA "Animal test-free and vegan" label guarantees that no animal tests have been conducted on the finished products or ingredients in Europe, but also in foreign markets. This label also guarantees that there are no animal-derived ingredients. These criteria must apply to the brand's entire product line.
(See our product line)


The COSMOS logo provides a guarantee for consumers, so they can trust the organic and natural cosmetics that carry it. The COSMOS standard defines strict criteria that companies must meet in order to guarantee consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest sustainability practices. It is one of the strictest standards in the world with regard to natural ingredients and environmental impact. For a product to be certified COSMOS Organic, at least 95% of the ingredients must be naturally derived and at least 20% of the total ingredients (for a leave-on product) must be organic. Our PLANTES range includes certified-organic products that meet the criteria of the COSMOS standard for natural cosmetics.
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