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The responsibilities of a B-corp status

“Typology is an environmentally friendly, mission-driven company
that aims to make a positive impact on society. Since the conception
of this project, my mission was to design a business with a
different view on consumption. The whole team is proud of this
milestone which symbolises the real commitment of our brand.” explains Ning Li, founder.

The B-Corp certification applies to the entire company and covers
five key areas: governance, people, community, environment, and
customers. The certification process is rigorous, requiring the
brand to obtain more than 80 out of 200 points and to be able to
justify their practices as socially and ecologically responsible-
including the supply of energy, the management of waste and water,
the wellbeing of the employees, diversity, and transparency.
Finally, the company must modify its corporate purpose to
incorporate its desire to have a positive and significant societal
and environmental impact and its stakeholders’ consideration.

    Logo b corp

    The B-Corp label requires the involvement of companies in these
    various aspects:

    Governance: all decision-making is guided by respect for
    high ethical standards and has transparency as a standard
    basis. For example, the company's accounts are certified
    each year and the financial elements are shared regularly
    with employees, in all transparency

    Collaborator: the wellbeing and safety of its employees
    are at the heart of Typology's philosophy. Ensuring personal
    development and career development are guarantees within the
    brand's HR strategy.

    Community: Typology makes certain to highlight diversity,
    from its employees to the suppliers with whom it works with.
    The brand will also implement actions like donations, for
    example, relating to its civic commitment. At the same time,
    it undertakes to uphold an ethical standard with its

    Environment: the sourcing of ingredients, packaging, and
    delivery to customers are respectfully designed from organic
    farming practices to have a minimum impact on the
    environment. For its online orders, Typology offers flat
    packaging that are designed to be slipped directly into
    letterboxes while also reducing its carbon footprint.

    Clients: Typology has chosen to be a 100% digital brand
    to minimise intermediaries with its customers. This helps
    the brand be as close as possible to their expectations. The
    consumer is also directly involved in the creation and
    improvement of all Typology products.