Glass bottle:

As with our plastic bottles, the flat shape of the glass bottle helps reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing shipping volume. The amber color of the vial also protects the serums from light. Glass is an easily recyclable material and the industry is highly developed in France and most other countries. 

Glass is composed of natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash). It is the ideal material for the conservation of cosmetic products thanks to its neutrality and stability.  Glass protects our formulas and prolongs their shelf life, as it is naturally resistant to temperature or chemical aggressors. Glass is also a sustainable and recyclable material.

In addition, to reduce our plastic consumption, we have switched all our vegan oil products to glass bottles, and we will discontinue certain products that were previously packaged in plastic.

Aluminium tube:

For our tubes, we use aluminum;  a light, resistant and a material that is  infinitely recyclable without ever losing quality.

It is airtight and reduces the risk of oxidation of the products. This means you can use your products until the last drop without any risk. In 2021, we switched to 100% recycled aluminum, including 95% PCR (post-consumer recycling), from used aluminum packaging, and 5% PIR (Post Industrial Recycling) from industrial waste.

This transition from raw to recycled aluminum has enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions from the production of the material by 70%.

Recycled plastic bottle:

We have specifically designed flat and rectangular shapes, so our bottles fit easily in the smallest sizes of shipping boxes, which limits the carbon footprint of each shipment. The amber color of the bottle protects the products from light, reducing their UV deterioration. 

In 2021 we increased the post-consumer recycling of our bottles from 0% to 30%. In 2022, we have reached100% post-consumer recycled plastic, a goal that was initially set for 2025.

Since our move towards more sustainable packaging, 4.2 tons of plastic waste have been recycled and reused for the production of our bottles. We anticipate this figure will rise to 14 tons of recycled plastic waste per year with 100% PCR bottles. 

FSC Paper:

All of our shipping boxes, tissue paper and paper-based cases are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This certification issued by the World Wildlife Fund guarantees the legality of wood use, no illegal deforestation, the sustainable management of forests and the conservation of biodiversity.   

The FSC label is the gold standard in the paper industry.  It has strict specifications: only 5% of the world's forests are FSC certified, with only about 0.2% in  France (nearly 40,000 ha) in 2017 (mainly private forests).