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A few words from Ning, founder of Typology

I created my company with one idea in mind: to change the industry for the better. Better for consumers, better for the planet. How do we reconcile the consumer's desire for good shopping deals with our mission to make a positive impact on the planet and consumption? By giving meaning to the act of buying.

It’s from this reflection that #BlackForGood was born, a movement which gathers French and international brands, with the objective to bring an ethical dimension to the act of purchase.

During its first four editions, BLACK FOR GOOD gathered more than 150 brands willing to make Black Friday a moment of thoughtful and responsible consumption, rather than a moment of unbridled consumption.

This year, we want to renew the operation. Together, we can make a difference and change Black Friday - let's reinvent it to educate our communities about cosmetic waste, and how to consume more sensibly.

Join us to increase our reach tenfold, to be able to make substantial donations to charities and to raise public awareness.

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