Digital Gift Card

The ideal gift for all skin typologies.

Simply select the amount you wish to offer and check out. You'll receive a unique code to your email, which you can then print or forward to your giftee.

Please note: Digital gift cards are only valid on the site where purchased.

Free delivery starts at £∞
Complimentary gift starts at £75
Shipped from France
Maureen B.
Age range (18-24 years old) — Sensitive skin

Great vegan products great quality gift card easy to purchase

United Kingdom, February 24, 2023



Hesitating about what gift to give? You'll be sure to please with a Typology Gift Card.

How the gift card works: Select the amount you wish to offer. Once the order has been placed, you'll receive a confirmation email with the gift card's code. Once you have the code, you'll be able to print and complete your gift card before offering it to your person of choice.

Conditions of use: This card remains valid for one year from the date of purchase. It works throughout our website and can be used in one or more instalments if the amount of the order is less than the amount of the gift card.

Using the gift card: To use the gift card, simply enter its code during payment. To know the remaining balance on the gift card, click on "consult my gift card balance" in the email transferred to you by the person who gave it to you. If this email has been lost or deleted, please contact our customer service.


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