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Quand appliquer un contour des yeux ?

When should you apply an eye contour treatment?

The eye contour care is increasingly becoming a staple in skincare routines. But at what age should one start using it? Is it necessary to apply it morning and evening? Here are some answers in this article.

Published April 10, 2023, updated on February 5, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 5 min read

When can we start using an eye contour care product?

The eye contour is a delicate and fragile area, and it's never too early to start taking care of it. It is generally recommended to incorporate a specific care for the eye contour from the twenties. Indeed, it is during this period that the first signs of skin ageing begin to occur.

We particularly observe the initial declines in the synthesis of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts: elastin is responsible for the skin's extensibility and tone, while collagen provides the link between skin cells and gives it flexibility and resistance. The loss of these proteins is often the cause of the first wrinkles. To protect against this, we recommend the eye contour cream from Typology. Enriched with coenzyme Q10 (INCI: Ubiquinone) and prickly pear oil (INCI: Opuntia Ficus-Indica Fruit Extract), it tones and firms the skin by preventing the degradation of collagen and elastin.

Furthermore, the eye contour is a part of the face that is naturally less protected from dehydration. The protective hydrolipidic film, usually found on the surface of the epidermis, is scarcely present here, due to the low sebum secretion on the eyelids. It's worth noting that this production diminishes further over time, which accentuates the need for a hydrating eye contour treatment as early as possible, as a preventative measure. Skin dehydration around the eye contour manifests as fine dehydration lines.

Finally, one can be prone to dark circles and bags under the eyes at any age. However, there is a wide variety of eye contour treatments, targeting different concerns, including these signs of fatigue. There are several types of dark circles, each with different causes and appearances. The same applies to eye bags. In simplified terms, it's important to note that draining and decongesting eye contour treatments are intended for bluish dark circles and water-filled bags , while brightening and antioxidant treatments target brown dark circles , and firming and tightening treatments combat fat-filled bags , hollow dark circles, and other signs of skin sagging. At Typology, we have an eye serum enriched with caffeine , which has draining properties, acting against vascular dark circles and water-filled bags by decongesting the eye contour area.

When to incorporate eye care into your skincare routine?

Eye care treatments can come in various forms: gels, creams, serums... They are used daily, after cleansing the skin and before applying a moisturising cream and a sun care product containing SPF. Indeed, it is important to cleanse the face first and foremost so that impurities are removed and do not hinder the penetration of the active ingredients in the treatments.

If eye contour care is applied before the cream, it is due to reasons of texture. Eye contour products are more fluid and lightweight, and are more easily absorbed by the epidermis. Conversely, moisturising creams are thicker and can sometimes form a film. This property is indeed very beneficial for strengthening the hydrolipidic film, but it could potentially hinder the penetration of active ingredients from other treatments if they were applied afterwards. This is why moisturising and sun creams are applied last to seal in hydration and skin protection.

It should also be noted that eye contour treatments are used morning and evening. In the morning, they help to refresh and brighten the gaze after a night's sleep. Moreover, this treatment helps to protect this delicate area from external aggressions it might encounter during the day (UV rays, pollution, wind...). If eye contour treatments are also applied in the evening, it is to promote cellular regeneration that takes place during the night, and to firm up the area. It is also a suitable time for relaxation, when one has time to take care of oneself. The eye contours often have a pleasantly fresh texture upon application. Finally, even though sleep plays a significant role in this regard, the use of an eye contour treatment in the evening helps to prevent waking up with dark circles and puffy eyes the next morning.


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