Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Soins contour des yeux à choisir à 20 ans.

Which eye contour should you choose at 20 years old?

During our twenties, the area around the eyes is often radiant, and the wrinkles and fine lines that gradually appear over time are still absent. However, it is at this age that the initial phenomena leading to skin ageing begin to occur. Therefore, start taking care of this delicate area by choosing an eye contour product suitable for those in their twenties.

The needs of the eye contour at 20 years old.

At 20, we have smooth and even skin, as cellular renewal and other biological processes are still efficient. We often then think that it is unnecessary to apply an eye contour, that we have time for that, and that these treatments are reserved for people showing signs of skin sagging.

Nevertheless, the twenties are the ideal time to start taking care of one's skin, especially the eye contour area. This area is indeed very delicate and approximately four to five times thinner than the rest of the face.

Furthermore, our twenties represent a pivotal period where our lifestyle changes and becomes more rhythmic : first years of independence, long study nights if one is a student, parties that extend late into the night, sometimes including a heavy consumption of alcohol... All these factors have an impact on the skin, and particularly on the complexion.

The eye contour at 20 years old: what are the issues?

The eye contour at 20 years old is not yet marked by signs of ageing (skin sagging, wrinkles...), but is rather prone to dark circles, to puffiness and potentially to fine lines of dehydration. Indeed, lack of sleep and a fast-paced lifestyle often contribute to the appearance of these signs of fatigue.

The bluish dark circles and the water-filled bags form due to a slowdown in microcirculation, caused by insufficient sleep. This leads to an accumulation of blood pigments or water around the eye contour, which is very thin, allowing even the slightest anomaly to show through. Dehydration fine lines, on the other hand, form as a result of significant water loss. Several factors contribute to this dehydration, such as fatigue or external aggressions.

20 years: hydrate, protect and de-stress.

At twenty years old, it's crucial to hydrate the eye contour to compensate for the lack of hydrolipidic film and delay the signs of ageing. Good skin hydration also helps to plump up the skin and keep it bouncy. For now, the aim is to prevent and slow down the inevitable onset of wrinkles and skin sagging.

Also, consider using antioxidant eye contour treatments. They protect the collagen and elastin fibres from the damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants thus have a preventive effect on skin ageing and hyperpigmentation issues. Finally, at 20 years old, it is important to refresh the gaze, and reduce dark circles and bags that hollow and weigh down the gaze.

The active ingredients to prioritise during your twenties.

To address the various issues around the eye area at 20 years old, we recommend you to turn to treatments containing the following active ingredients.

  • Moisturising and humectant active ingredients.

    Thehyaluronic acid, the glycerine, themacadamia oil, the aloe vera gel, the pro-vitamin B5, the squalane... are all active ingredients capable of retaining water in the skin cells (high hygroscopic power) or having an occlusive effect, that is, they form a protective veil on the surface of the epidermis to limit water loss.

  • Antioxidant active ingredients.

    Vitamins C and E, along with polyphenols, are your best allies in protecting your eye contour from free radicals. They neutralise these by donating an electron, thereby preventing them from acting on protein fibres. We can also mention the resveratrol and ferulic acid, which, in addition to being antioxidants, have brightening properties.

  • Draining and decongesting active ingredients.

    This type of active ingredients (caffeine, cornflower hydrosol...) are recommended for reducing bluish dark circles or watery bags, which form due to poor blood or lymphatic circulation. They help to stimulate microcirculation and thus eliminate the accumulated waste around the eye contour.

Note : after applying the eye contour treatment, it is important to protect the entire face with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, including the area around the eye. Being very thin, it easily allows UV rays to penetrate. You can also opt for an eye contour treatment containing SPF.

Eye contour at 20 years old: any recommendations?

At Typology, we offer two eye contour treatments designed to revitalise your gaze. They indeed target bags and dark circles, concerns that are often major in your twenties.

  • The eye serum : concentrated at 5% in caffeine, a draining active ingredient, this serum promotes blood and lymphatic microcirculation to reduce bluish dark circles and decongest eye bags. Applied morning and evening, it offers initial results after 4 weeks of use, when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

  • Thecornflower hydrosol : obtained through distillation of cornflower blossoms from organic farming, this gentle treatment soothes the skin and decongests the eye contour.


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