Organic Cornflower

Soothes the skin and depuffs the undereyes.

Sourced from organic farming.

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Made in France, Vegan


Mainly used on the eye contour area for its depuffing effects, cornflower floral water soothes sensitive skin and tones the complexion.

It's even called "glasses-breaker water" for its relaxing and decongesting properties on dark circles and tired eyes.
This cornflower hydrolate can be applied undiluted to the entire face, using a cotton pad or directly with the fingers.
For optimal results, we recommend cutting a cotton pad into two and soaking them in the cornflower hydrolate before placing them under your eyes for several minutes. Use mornings and evenings on clean skin before the rest of your routine.

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Our hydrolate has been distilled from cornflowers belonging to the Asteraceae family, grown and harvested in France.

Cornflower is a symbolic flower in many cultures. Its Greek name "Kentaureion" means "herb of the Centaur Chiron", named after the character who discovered its properties.

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