Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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routine contre les points noirs et les pores dilatés

Enlarged Pores: How to Minimise Them?

Pores are essential to the skin, as they facilitate the expulsion of sebum. However, an excessive production of sebum often leads to enlarged pores and blackheads. The following question arises: how can enlarged pores be reduced? Let's explore.

How can we explain the dilation of sebaceous pores?

As their name suggests, these pores distribute thesebumacross the surface of the epidermis to moisturise the skin. They are located all over the body with a few exceptions such as the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. They are connected to thesebaceous glands. These are generally attached to hairs (hair follicles), but there are some areas where they are not (such as the areola of the nipples and eyelids for example).

Pores can become unsightly when they are enlarged, giving the appearance of an uneven skin texture. According to a study, skin pores are said to be "visible" and "enlarged" when their diameter fluctuates between 0.06 and 0.1 mm2.

Pores can dilate for a variety of reasons. This phenomenon is usually accompanied by the appearance of blackheads.Blackheads, as well asdilated pores, are most often visible onoily skin,combination skin,or onblemished skin. They primarily appear on theT-zone (forehead, nose and chin), the parts of the face where the skin is oilier.

Two types of causes are responsible for dilated pores:

  • Internal causes: Sex, genetic predisposition, skin ageing, overproduction of sebum (hyperseborrhea), hormonal fluctuations;

  • External causes: Chronic exposure to UV rays, use of comedogenic xenobiotics, poor skin hygiene (accumulation of dirt and impurities on the skin's surface).

What routine can be used to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores?

Adopt good habits daily to remedy this irregular skin texture.

  1. Purify your skin every day by cleansing it with ourpurifying cleansing gel. Enriched with purifying active ingredients such as zinc PCA, this cleansing gel purifies the skin, regulates sebum production and limits the development of blemishes.

  2. Then, use ourpeppermint hydrosolmorning and evening on your already cleansed skin. Thepeppermint hydrosolhelps to unclog your pores in case of excess sebum. These are tightened and your skin barrier is strengthened. This hydrosol also regulates excess sebum and helps to avoid the oily and shiny appearance of acne-prone skin.

  3. In the morning, opt for a moisturising treatmentto plump up the epidermis and improve the skin's tone around the pore. Moreover, when the skin feels attacked and dehydrated, it produces more sebum to form a protective barrier, which contributes to pore blockage. Hyaluronic acid is the key compound for hydrating your skin. This active ingredient acts like a molecular sponge: it is capable of binding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Morning and evening, on clean and dry skin, apply thehydrating serumbased on hyaluronic acid andprovitamin B5followed by thehydrating face creamwith 9 ingredients. These treatments compensate for the natural decrease in hyaluronic acid in the skin, resulting in hydrated, bouncy and smoother skin.

  4. In order to reduce the visibility of pores, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are formidable. Therefore, in the evening, it is highly recommended to use an astringent care product such as a serum highly concentrated in glycolic acid or in lactic acid for more sensitive skin types. These molecules have the ability to eliminate dead skin cells, thus facilitating the return of smoother and more unified skin. However, be aware that these are photosensitising species. AHA-based care should only be applied in the evening. At Typology, we have developed the exfoliating serum containing 10% glycolic acid and the gentle peeling serum enriched with 10% lactic acid.

  5. Use purifying masks once a week. For instance, to regulate sebum production and unclog blocked pores, our purifying mask with charcoal and green clay with a clay-like texture is ideal.

Please note : to avoid enlarged pores, prevention is key. Always apply a sunscreen suitable for your skin tone and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Consuming processed foods can promote the appearance of blackheads, spots and other blemishes.

Dilated Pores: What aesthetic treatments are available?

Some treatments can be performed by professionals to reduce the appearance of sebaceous pores.

  • The Hydrafacial

    This is an ultra-comprehensive skincare routine consisting of 4 steps to cleanse, exfoliate, purify and hydrate the skin. Generally, the exfoliation stage includes a solution based on glycolic and salicylic acid at a low percentage. The aim is to bring out the impurities lodged in the pores, which are then vacuumed away.

  • The laser

    Emitting micro impacts of fractional laser beams on the face induces a peeling effect, which allows for the removal of dead cells accumulated in the pores.


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