New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Choix entre gel nettoyant et lait nettoyant.

Cleansing gel or cleansing milk?

The first step in the skincare routine, it's not easy to find the facial cleanser formula that suits your skin. Indeed, there are many forms of facial cleansers on the market. However, they all have the same function: to remove impurities that have settled on the skin throughout the day. Milk and gel cleansers are among the solutions offered. But then, which one to choose between the two?

Gel or milk, which facial cleanser should you choose?

Both of these formulas are beneficial for the skin. The choice will depend on the texture, as well as your skin type:

  • According to the texture:

    The cleansing milk is a creamy textured emulsion, meaning it consists of an oily phase to dissolve oily impurities and an aqueous phase to limit the greasy effect often left on the skin by creamy cleansers, while the cleansing gel is primarily made up of an aqueous phase. The impressions they leave on the skin are therefore completely different. The richer formula of the milk offers a balance between effective skin cleansing and immediate comfort. It thus provides a soft touch, while protecting it from external discomforts. The foaming gel, on the other hand, purifies the skin with an immediate sensation of freshness and lightness, leaving the skin clean and clear.

  • Depending on the skin type:

    Gel-textured cleansers are often perceived as the preferred treatment for combination to oily skin (+) and skin prone to blemishes. They help to dislodge impurities and unclog pores, providing a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. However, if you have normal, sensitive, dry or mature skin, the choice of a cleansing milk is recommended. This will gently purify your epidermis while intensely hydrating it due to its composition.

The various facial cleansers that we offer.

Gel, milk... we have developed a selection of facial cleansers with different textures for each skin type, suitable for daily use, morning and evening.

  • Exfoliating Cleansing Gel : This foaming gel is part of our Iconicrange. It is a micro-exfoliant that can be used daily or occasionally for a deep cleanse. It helps to prevent and correct blemishes without damaging the skin barrier, thanks to the numerous active ingredients it contains. The skin texture is then smoothed and refined, the complexion regains its radiance, and the skin is soft and even. Sulphate-free, the melting gel texture transforms into a light and airy foam upon contact with water, thanks to its gentle and plant-based surfactants (coco-glucoside and coco-betaine).

    This facial cleanser contains gluconolactone (PHA) to gently and gradually exfoliate, unclog pores while stimulating cell renewal, aloe vera (INCI name: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder) which provides the skin with the vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals for cells, thus promoting skin regeneration, in addition to soothing the skin in a lasting way, inulin to rebalance the microbiome, and sweet orange essential oil (INCI name: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil) to combat the bacteria responsible for blemishes.

  • Purifying Cleansing Gel : For deeply purified skin, you can rely on the purifying gel to cleanse the skin without attacking or drying it out, thus not triggering the secretion of sebum. Thanks to its composition combining bamboo extract (INCI name: Phyllostachys Bambusoides Extract) and zinc PCA, this cleanser aims more to regulate excess sebum to reduce the shiny appearance of the skin, and to unclog and tighten the pores, both of which can lead to imperfections. It also contains inulin to protect and balance the skin microbiota in order to control sebum production in the long term, and blue gum eucalyptus essential oil (INCI name: Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil) for its antibacterial properties and thus limit the formation of spots.

    All our cleansing gels contain moisturising agents such as glycerine, pentylene glycol or sugars (glucose, sugars, fructose) to prevent the skin from drying out and becoming fragile. Otherwise, it may respond by secreting more sebum, thus contributing to the appearance of blemishes.

  • Hydrating Cleansing Milk : With a soft and pleasant texture, this facial cleanser helps to remove impurities, whilst hydrating the skin and restoring the protective barrier for a smooth, soft and moisturised complexion. Upon contact with wet skin, the milk emulsifies, creating a creamy foam. It has been formulated to respect the skin's ecosystem and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin: fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, non-drying and with a gentle cleansing base (sodium lauroyl sarcosinate). The cleansing milk contains hyaluronic acid to help maintain hydration, chamomile extract to soothe irritations and reduce redness, and coconut oil to help restore the hydrolipidic film and strengthen the skin's natural hydration.


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