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Which mask should you choose to combat blackheads?

The T-zone, encompassing the forehead, nose, and chin, is prone to the formation of blackheads. Excess sebum, pollution, and hormonal fluctuations are among the factors that exacerbate their appearance. A solution that is as preventive as it is curative: the application of a purifying mask. But which one? Our experts tell you everything.

How are blackheads formed?

Blackheads, or also known as "open comedones", are fatty clusters, the result of an accumulation of sebum, impurities and dead cells that clog the skin's pores. For various reasons, the skin begins to produce a significant amount of sebum, which causes the enlargement of pores, facilitating the entry of pollution particles, dirt, etc... thus preventing the sebum from flowing properly, in addition to the accumulation of dead cells on the surface. When the pores are blocked, oxidation occurs upon contact with the air, and the impurities and sebum trapped inside the pore darken, thus forming a blackhead. Various factors can contribute to their development:

  • Hormonal fluctuations;

  • Prolonged or frequent exposure to the sun;

  • Stress;

  • The skin with a tendency to be combination to oily (genetic factor);

  • The intake of certain medications (androgens, corticosteroids, etc...).

Which mask to combat blackheads?

To get rid of blackheads, it is recommended to apply a purifying mask formula once a week. Indeed, this treatment will help regulate sebum production and eliminate impurities that remain on the skin. Our purifying mask with charcoal and nettle deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, thus preventing the appearance of comedones. The three active ingredients in this treatment, the pine charcoal, the stinging nettle and the green clay, work in synergy to purify the skin.

Rich in trace elements, the stinging nettle helps to regulate sebum production while reducing pore dilation. The pine charcoal sanitises and detoxifies the skin thanks to its absorbent virtues. On the other hand, green clay purifies the skin due to its sebum-regulating, softening, and healing properties. Our purifying mask also contains aloe vera and sweet almond oil to prevent skin dehydration.

How to use the purifying mask?

purifying mask , one must:

  1. On a clean and makeup-free skin, apply the treatment in a semi-thick and even layer across the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye contour and lips;

  2. Allow the mask to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly with warm water. Its clay-like texture will leave your skin soft and comfortable, without drying it out.

This charcoal mask is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial for oily to combination skin, as well as for blemish-prone skin. In addition to using the mask once a week, don't hesitate to perform a scrub on your skin just before to prevent the appearance of blackheads. The scrub is necessary to remove dead skin and surface dirt, allowing for better mask efficacy.


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