Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Bienfaits peeling lèvres.

What are the properties of a lip peel?

Composed of a mucous membrane, the lips are thin and delicate. They are particularly susceptible to chapping, dryness, and other damage. It is possible to prevent these discomforts by maintaining them with protective care and providing a gentle exfoliation. Discover in this article the properties of a lip peel.

Published February 16, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 6 min read

What is a lip peel?

In the face of external aggressions such as the sun, wind, or pollution, lips can become dry and chapped. Indeed, the skin in this area is very thin, about 5 times more so than the rest of the body, and has virtually no sebaceous glands. These glands produce the sebum, a substance that contributes to the composition of the hydrolipidic film present on the surface of the epidermis and helps to protect the skin from dehydration and various external factors. These different elements make the lips prone to flaking and the appearance of cracks.

Lip peeling is a treatment that allows the removal of dead skin cells accumulated on the lips, enhancing their appearance while smoothing them. Some peels also have plumping and tightening effects on perioral wrinkles. Let's explore all their properties together.

Please note : there are several types of lip peeling, the most common being the superficial peelings, which one can perform alone at home. It is also possible to visit a dermatologist to perform a medium or deep peeling. In this article, we will primarily focus on superficial peelings, also referred to as gentle peelings.

What are the properties of a lip peel?

The primary purpose of a lip peel is to exfoliate. Exfoliation is a process that involves mechanically or chemically removing a layer of dead cells from the skin's surface. If these do not completely detach, it can lead to the appearance of dry patches and flakes. Lip peels offer several benefits to the lips that we invite you to discover.

  • Peeling improves the appearance of the skin around the mouth.

The exfoliating action of the peel therefore allows it to remove impurities and dead skin, and stimulate cellular renewal at the lip level, which contributes to their densification. Furthermore, the peel reduces irregularities and the lips appear smoother. Finally, performing a peel regularly also helps to maintain plump lips and keep them healthy. Indeed, the smoother and softer the lips are, the more voluminous they appear. Subsequently, we advise you to apply a lip balm to hydrate and nourish them. This treatment will also enhance the plump effect.

  • The peeling process restores the lips to their rosy colour.

Some active ingredients used in the formulation of peels have the ability to stimulate micro-blood circulation. Efficient circulation allows the lips to have a lovely rosy colour, while a slowing of the blood tends to make them bluish. On the other hand, by improving blood circulation, the distribution of nutrients by the blood becomes more efficient, which allows the lips to be properly supplied.

  • Peeling enhances the absorption of active ingredients and the application of makeup.

Following the application of a peel, the surface of the lips is unified, smoothed, and freed from dead cells present on its surface. This then provides a favourable environment for the application of skincare or cosmetic products. Indeed, the nourishing and repairing active ingredients found in lip balms or masks are more readily absorbed by the lips when they are not covered in impurities. Moreover, using a scrub allows you to have a good base for your makeup. The application of lipsticks and glosses is indeed easier when done on a smooth and soft surface. Furthermore, this allows for a more uniform and long-lasting result.

  • Peeling prevents the appearance of fine lines on the lips.

Some peels contain active ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, components of the dermis that promote good structure, flexibility, and elasticity of the skin. This synthesis tends to decrease with age, which explains the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. On the lips, the development of slight vertical striations on their surface can be observed.

Discover the gentle lip peel from Typology.

The lip peeling withmandelic acid and pomegranate enzyme from Typology is suitable for dry and dehydrated lips, as well as lips lacking in softness. Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliant belonging to the family of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). It removes dead skin and stimulates the renewal of the lip surface. The pomegranate enzyme stimulates the skin's natural hydration while providing a micro-exfoliation complementary to the mandelic acid.

For optimal use, ensure that your lips are dry and free from any traces of lipstick before applying the peel. This should be applied in a thin layer on the lips and does not require rinsing. We then recommend hydrating and nourishing your lips with our repairing lip mask, enriched with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, before applying our 9-ingredient lip balm. Your lips will thus be smooth, supple, hydrated and nourished.


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