Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Quel masque utiliser pour les cheveux secs ?

Which mask should be used for dry hair?

To repair dry hair, nothing works better than a hair mask. But which ingredients should you prioritise? And why? Typology provides answers to these questions.

How are dry hair characterised?

Dry hair exhibits a high porosity due to its open and detached scales that struggle to retain water. This phenomenon is due to a insufficient production of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the scalp (sebum excretion level below 120 mg/cm²). A dry hair is therefore a hair lacking in nutrition. Dry hair can be identified by its split ends and brittleness at the slightest brush stroke and its dull appearance, lacking in shine. It also has a rough touch (straw-like effect).

Several factors can contribute to increased hair dryness.

  • Internal causes such as the nature of the scalp and hair type (for example, curly or very frizzy hair), heredity, age (around 45 years old, the hair fibre ages and its hydration decreases), certain body conditions (iron deficiency, thyroid gland dysfunction, Cushing's disease...). ;

  • External causes such as excessive use of heating devices (hair dryers, straighteners, curlers), repeated colouring and bleaching, prolonged exposure to the sun, the use of stripping shampoos rich in sulfates, excessive use of styling products (hairsprays, gels, waxes), weather conditions (wind, winter, cold), pollution, overexposure to pool chlorine or sea salt...

The compositions to prioritise for hair masks intended for dry hair.

Firstly, masks intended for dry hair should be applied solely to the lengths and ends, to avoid weighing down the roots. Generally, they are applied to damp hair, after shampooing and conditioning, on a weekly basis. The duration of application varies depending on the product, adhere to the time indicated on your treatment for optimal results.

Next, several ingredients should be prioritised to restore shine and lustre to the hair. We recommend favouring natural ingredients to take care of the hair without damaging it. Opt for a mask containing one or more of the following compounds.

  • Nourishing natural fatty substances

    Rich in fatty acids, these compounds help to compensate for the lack of sebum typical of dry hair. Among the most effective, we can mention avocado oil, coconut, argan, pequi, açaí, castor, jojoba or even the butters of shea and mango.

  • Restorative and lipid-replenishing active ingredients

    Some active ingredients have the ability to integrate into the lipid cement of the hair fibre, thereby restoring the cohesion of the cuticle. The flaws, also known as "scales", are filled, the cuticle is smoothed and the cortex is better protected. The squalane and the biomimetic ceramides are, for example, two active ingredients that act in this way and are classified as re-lipidising.

  • Hydrating active ingredients

    Typically, it is sugar-derived molecules that provide the most hydration to hair. For instance, we can mention aloe vera gel which is particularly rich in polysaccharides (mannose-6-phosphate, aloeverose, acemannan). These long-chain sugar molecules contain hydroxyl groups (-OH) that create a hydrophilic environment. The gel thus retains water molecules, limiting their natural evaporation from the hair fibre. Hyaluronic acid is also an interesting compound to find in hair masks intended for dry hair. This glycosaminoglycan has a significant water retention capacity and limits the dehydration of hair fibres.

Take care of your dry hair with our restorative mask.

Comprised of 98% natural origin ingredients, this mask deeply nourishes and repairs the hair fibre due to the synergy of 3 natural actives:

  • Biomimetic ceramides act like a cement to restructure the fibre and fill in the hair's scales.

  • Mango butter repairs and prevents the occurrence of split ends and reduces breakage.

  • Avocado oil strengthens the roots and stimulates growth.

This mask is suitable for all hair types but is particularly recommended for dry, damaged and brittle hair. For these concerns, we advise using it in conjunction with the nourishing shampoo with the biolipid complex.


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