New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Masque pour cheveux crépus.

Which mask should be used for afro-textured hair?

The hair mask is a popular treatment for hair care. Afro-textured hair requires special attention to reveal its beauty. Discover which routine to adopt and which mask to use for your afro-textured hair.

The characteristics of afro-textured hair.

Kinky hair can be identified by its very tight curls that start right from the root. This is the most curly hair type. Such hair is naturally dry. Indeed, due to the spiral shape of the hair, the sebum from the root struggles to distribute along the hair strands to make the hair soft and shiny. Therefore, the hair is coarse and lacks shine. Moreover, kinky hair is particularly fragile due to a lifting of the cuticles. The risk of breakage is significant.

It should be noted : afro-textured hair grows slower than other hair types (approximately 0.8 cm per month compared to 1.2 cm for European hair). This difference is due to the physical shape of the hair follicle of curly hair. Indeed, these grow in an S shape, in a curved manner.

The compositions to prioritise for hair masks intended for afro-textured hair.

Several ingredients should be prioritised to restore shine and lustre to the hair. We recommend favouring natural ingredients to care for the hair without damaging it. Opt for a mask containing one or more of the following compounds.

  • Nourishing natural fatty substances

    Rich in fatty acids, these compounds help to compensate for the lack of sebum characteristic of dry hair. Among the most effective, we can mention avocado oil, coconut, argan, pequi, açaí, castor, jojoba or even the butters of shea and mango.

  • Restorative and lipid-replenishing active ingredients

    Some active ingredients have the ability to integrate into the lipid cement of the hair fibre, thereby restoring the cohesion of the cuticle. The flaws, also known as "scales", are filled in, the cuticle is smoothed, and the cortex is better protected. The squalane and the biomimetic ceramides are, for example, two active ingredients that act in this way and are classified as re-lipidising.

  • Hydrating active ingredients

    Typically, it is sugar-derived molecules that provide the most hydration to hair. For instance, we can mention aloe vera gel which is particularly rich in polysaccharides (mannose-6-phosphate, aloeverose, acemannan). These long-chain sugar molecules contain hydroxyl groups (-OH) that create a hydrophilic environment. The gel thus retains water molecules, limiting their natural evaporation from the hair fibre. Hyaluronic acid is also an interesting compound to find in hair masks intended for dry hair. This glycosaminoglycan has a significant water retention capacity and limits the dehydration of hair fibres.

Typology Repair Mask: an ideal treatment for frizzy hair.

Our restorative hair mask revitalises the hair fibre. It is composed of biomimetic ceramides which act like cement to restructure the fibre and fill in the hair's scales. It also contains mango butter and avocado oil known for their richness in fatty acids. It helps to repair damaged lengths and prevent breakage.

Given that afro hair is extremely dry, we recommend the supplementary use of a nourishing shampoo with a biolipid complex.


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