Discover barrier-repairing formulas safe for the whole family.

Discover barrier-repairing formulas safe for the whole family.

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À quoi sert un gommage cheveux ?

What is the purpose of a hair scrub?

While exfoliating the skin on one's face or body is a common practice, this beauty routine is often overlooked when it comes to the scalp. However, the skin on the scalp also has dead cells and impurities that accumulate over time at the roots and on the scalp itself. In addition to cleansing the scalp, this practice offers numerous other benefits for the health and beauty of the hair. This is why it is recommended to do it once or twice a week depending on the condition of your scalp. In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of performing a hair scrub.

What is a scalp exfoliation?

Hair scrubbing is a purifying hair treatment that consists of a cleansing and moisturising base in the form of a paste, gel or cream, into which slightly abrasive micro-particles are incorporated. It thus provides the scalp with a mechanical type of care, meaning that exfoliation is made possible through manual massage with the aid of micro-beads, leading to the removal of impurities. Its exfoliating micro-grains are most often derived from natural ingredients, such as sea salt, coffee grounds, apricot kernels ground into powder, or even jojoba beads. However, this mechanical action is sometimes combined with a less abrasive enzymatic action in order to multiply the benefits of the scrubbing product. Indeed, some formulas may also incorporate fruit acids of the A.H.A., B.H.A. or P.H.A. type, which will dissolve the bonds between the dead cells of the epidermis in order to increase their desquamation, but gently.

At Typology, we have developed a scalp scrub in gel form that offers a dual exfoliating action while respecting the scalp: a mechanical action with the presence of jojoba beads and silica powder, and a chemical action with a concentration of 5% in gluconolactone (P.H.A.), an exfoliating agent much gentler than A.H.A. It will thus help you to regain a refreshed, healthy and reoxygenated scalp, as well as shinier and more voluminous hair, and stimulated growth.

Why should you exfoliate your scalp?

Taking care of your scalp is just as essential as caring for the skin on your face or body. The skin of the scalp also has dead cells that are supposed to naturally shed from the epidermis. However, sometimes this process does not occur optimally. The dead cells may struggle to detach on their own or stick together during the desquamation phase, thus creating patches of dead skin. Moreover, every day, the hair is exposed to various aggressors: it is subjected to pollution, UV rays, residues from hair products (oils, styling products, treatments...), dust, etc. In the face of these aggressors, the scalp can become clogged or damaged, leading to an overproduction of sebum and greasy roots.

Hair exfoliation is thus a solution for deeply purifying the hair and unclogging the pores. It is based on the same principle as that of the face or body: this care product has a granular texture that gently lifts dead cells and extracts dirt from the scalp that has accumulated over time. By purifying the scalp in this way, hair exfoliation contributes to the beautification of your hair:

  • It serves as an ideal treatment especially for problematic scalps. Indeed, hair scrubbing helps to rid the scalp of excess sebum, thus preventing hair from appearing flat and oily. It also aids in removing dandruff, which can make hair unattractive, but it does not, however, treat the cause of dandruff;

  • By ridding the scalp skin of impurities and irritating residues from hair products, which are the cause of inflammation and itching, the scalp exfoliant also helps to soothe these unpleasant sensations often associated with the presence of dandruff;

  • This skincare product is designed to prepare your scalp to receive all other hair treatments, such as the shampoo, the conditioner, the hair mask and the hair serum. Indeed, by unclogging the pores, it promotes the absorption of active ingredients and optimises their action;

  • Hair exfoliation helps to cleanse and stimulate the scalp, thereby accelerating hair growth.


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