Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Pencil, felt-tip, gel, mascara, powder... which makeup product should one choose to enhance their eyebrows?

Just like the mouth and eyes, eyebrows have a whole range of dedicated makeup products. Gel, mascara, pencil, powder, marker... there is a multitude of textures for a variety of uses. After all, properly drawn eyebrows brighten the gaze and structure the face. However, the following question arises: which product should one choose to enhance their eyebrows? Here is a quick overview.

Published January 27, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 4 min read

Why should we apply makeup to our eyebrows?

Besides offering a certain level of protection to the eyes, eyebrows play a crucial role in theaesthetics of the face, as they frame the eyes and add character to the gaze. Furthermore, they help to accentuate facial features and define facial expressions. Joy, anger, surprise... eyebrows convey our emotions. That's why it's important to take care of them and an increasing number of people are choosing to highlight them with makeup.

The eyebrow makeup indeed offers numerous benefits. It primarily allows to fill in the gaps and achieve a more defined and symmetrical eyebrow shape. Some people have thin or irregular eyebrows , and eyebrow makeup allows to fill in the empty areas and achieve a more uniform appearance, while highlighting the eyes and accentuating the gaze.

Furthermore, applying makeup to one's eyebrows can also be a way ofexpressing one's personality. Indeed, by enhancing one's eyebrows, certain expressions can be accentuated or a more confident and determined look can be achieved. For instance, well-defined and structured eyebrows can convey the image of a strong and assured personality, while softer and more natural eyebrows can give the impression that a person is gentle and kind.

Which product should one choose based on their needs?

Today, there is a wide range of eyebrow makeup products available. So much so that it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to choose. Above all, we advise you toidentify your need. Indeed, not all eyebrow makeup products serve the same purpose.

  1. Eyebrow Pencil : Eyebrow pencils are one of the most commonly used products for filling and defining eyebrows. They are available in a wide variety of shades and allow for precise tracing to create fine lines and mimic natural hairs. Pencils are versatile and suitable for all types of eyebrows.

  2. Eyebrow Mascara : Eyebrow mascaras typically come in the form of gels or creams and are formulated to add colour, volume, and hold to the eyebrows. They are applied using a specific brush and allow for shaping and taming the eyebrows, while giving them a fuller appearance.

  3. Eyebrow Gel : Eyebrow gels are similar to mascaras, but they have a thicker and stickier texture. They are used to set the eyebrows, keep them in place, and give them a neat appearance. Some gels can also provide colour and fill in sparse areas.

  4. Eyebrow Powder : Eyebrow powders are often presented in palettes with various shades. They are applied using a brush to fill in the eyebrows and create a softer, more natural look. Powders are ideal for those seeking a subtle and blended result.

  5. Eyebrow Ink : Eyebrow inks typically come in the form of pens or fine-tipped markers. They allow for the drawing of precise and defined lines, mimicking the natural hairs of the eyebrows. The inks have a long-lasting formula and provide a more defined and intense appearance.


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