Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Why should we take care of our skin during lockdown?

As you've stayed at home, your priorities have shifted towards household chores, children, and other responsibilities. Your glances in the mirror have become less frequent, to the point where you may not have noticed that your skin has been neglected. To help restore your skin's former glow, you first need to identify the causes. These could stem from moments of stress, dietary imbalances, a poor beauty routine, or other factors. Despite your best efforts, dark circles have appeared under your eyes. Some women even notice puffiness setting in. Generally, it's observed that the skin struggles to regenerate: it becomes dry and exhibits roughness in certain areas. You may often feel like you have a dull complexion or a pallid skin tone. If any of these signs seem apparent to you, it's time to establish a good beauty routine.

Revitalise your complexion with a facial massage.

In order for your skin to become healthy and radiant, it is essential that you establish good habits to enhance its beauty. You will have more time to do this during periods of lockdown, as you won't have stressful schedules to adhere to. After getting out of bed or before stepping into the shower, awaken your complexion. To do this, perform self-massages on your face for a few minutes. The technique to use is simple, you just need to tap the skin with your fingertips. The movement should start from the inside of the face and move outwards, in a horizontal line. The aim of this massage is to decongest and stimulate the skin.

Selecting the appropriate product for cleansing one's face.

Even if you are not encountering anyone while in confinement, you must still take care of your skin. Wash your face twice a day to rid it of impurities and allow the skin to breathe. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive or oily, the product used must be suited to your skin type. To do this, various textures are available to you: foaming gels, micellar lotions, cleansing creams, etc... The makeup removing oils are most suitable for dry skin. You have the choice between rinsing with water or applying a hydrosol to finish the cleansing. In the case where your skin is oily, use a cleansing gel. Often prone to blackheads or pimples, be careful that the product is not too aggressive. The micellar waters are more suitable for combination skin.

Take advantage of the lockdown to perform a deep skin care treatment.

It is imperative to exfoliate once a week. Indeed, removing dead skin cells allows for deep cleansing and unclogging of pores. Opt for a scrub that is hydrating for dry skin, gentle for sensitive skin, and deep-cleansing for oily skin. Exfoliation should be done after cleansing the face. Don't forget to apply a mask to complete this step. This helps to regenerate the skin by providing the nutrients it needs. Before purchasing, scrutinise the composition of the products you choose to nourish your skin.

Hydration is an indispensable step in a beauty routine.

Used before the care cream, the serum is beneficial as its active ingredients are highly effective. With an oily or aqueous texture, it penetrates the skin more deeply and therefore acts more quickly. To be applied day and night, the action of the serum complements the moisturising cream. The former contains antioxidant and vitamin-rich nutrients that aid in the repair of the skin cell structures. The moisturising cream, on the other hand, with its more or less creamy nature, acts against external aggressions and prevents the risk of drying out. Regardless of your skin type, it should always be moisturised. Depending on your needs, there are numerous products to use for this purpose: with a mattifying texture for combination skin, nourishing for those that are dry, etc... The choices are plentiful.

Dedicate time to care for the skin around your eyes.

By now, you have completed the necessary routine to perfect your beauty during lockdown. However, pay attention to your eyes, as they are the first thing people notice on a face. Fear not, we can provide advice to address this. To assist you, our website offers creams and serums specifically designed for this area, do not hesitate to select from them.

From all that has been said, the steps to create a beauty routine following the best practices will no longer be a secret to you. Do not hesitate to try our products to help you always look your best. Environmentally friendly, they are suitable for all skin types. Even women with sensitive skin find their happiness with Typology.


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