Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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How to incorporate a night serum into your skincare routine?

How to incorporate a night serum into your skincare routine?

The night serum is not just any skincare product. By working during the peak of the skin's cellular renewal, it addresses specific issues such as dehydration, dullness, or overproduction of sebum. But how should it be used daily? Here is our ideal beauty routine.

Step No.1: Double Cleansing.

Cleansing is an essential beauty routine that should not be overlooked. Throughout the day, cosmetics, pollution, sebum, dead cells, makeup, etc... accumulate on the face. If not regularly removed, these impurities will clog the pores, suffocate them, hinder their natural function and dull the complexion. The result: imperfections (spots, blackheads) appear. Cleansing thus allows the skin to be cleaned of all these impurities to avoid imperfections. For this, we use either a cleansing oil, or a cleansing balm suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. This first step therefore involves dissolving all traces of lipophilic impurities and thus purifying the pores in depth so that they can properly evacuate the sebum.

The second step acts as a cleansing supplement. Even if the skin appears clean, it still requires the removal of all hydrophilic impurities that have lodged on its surface with a mild soap with a neutral pH, or alternatively with a cleansing gel, chosen according to one's skin type. Once the face is dampened, lather in your hands then massage your face while avoiding the eye contour. After thoroughly rinsing the face, simply pat yourself dry.

Step No. 2: Application of the toning lotion.

To eliminate the limescale residues from tap water rinsing, it is recommended to apply to your skin a reusable cotton pad soaked in toning lotion according to your skin type. Thanks to a slightly acidic pH and a cocktail of active ingredients, this treatment allows for deep pore cleansing and skin texture smoothing, preparing it to properly receive the active ingredients of other treatments.

Step No. 3: Application of the usual serum.

After cleansing, comes the care! But not just any care! What we want at this point in our beauty routine is a product that is both light and effective. The serum therefore seems to be the most suitable to meet this need. Moreover, it is highly concentrated in active ingredients, endowed with a fluid and penetrating texture, as well as a base that can be aqueous, oily or gelled, which effectively address targeted skin issues. A good introduction to skincare, which prepares the epidermis for the next step.

Step No. 4: Application of the night serum.

While we generally advise using a moisturising cream at this stage of the beauty routine, this time, it's the night serum that will take its place. Why? Simply because it is packed with nourishing, hydrating, and treating active ingredients that work in synergy when your cells are at the peak of their regeneration during the night. Dry, sensitive, oily, combination, normal or mature skin... There is a night serum for every skin type and every issue. This effectively combats dehydration, cell oxidation, and lack of radiance.


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