Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Face Care: What Moisturizer to Use According to Your Skin.

Facial skin is relatively fragile compared to the rest of the body. The choice of care products should not be made at random to provide the hydration that the skin needs or to prevent it from becoming too oily. You must therefore consider the needs of facial skin. Find out how to choose the right moisturizer.

Why Use a Face Moisturizer?

The skin of the face plays the role of barrier against the external aggressions. It therefore needs to be moisturized daily to maintain its suppleness and tone. It is normally protected by a hydrolipidic film, a thin protective layer produced by the sebaceous glands, which keeps the skin hydrated.

However, in the face of various external aggressions (pollution, temperature variations, UV rays, etc.), this hydrolipidic film is altered and no longer plays its role as a protective layer. The use of a face cream becomes necessary. In addition to hydration, a non-toxic facial moisturizer can play other roles, such as nutrition and skin firming. Other treatments can even out the complexion or purify the skin of the face.

How to Choose a Face Moisturizer?

What moisturizer to use for your face? The choice of a face moisturizer should not be made lightly. It must meet the needs of your skin:

  • If you have combination or oily skin, pick a fluid texture or a mattifying cream that will reduce skin shine.

  • A light cream that provides suppleness and comfort is recommended if your skin is normal.

  • On the other hand, if you have dry or sensitive skin, opt for care products rich in soothing active ingredients and fatty molecules that can retain water on the surface of your skin.

The needs of the skin also vary according to age. Thus, if a light moisturizing care is appropriate for a young skin, a more nourishing cream is appropriate if you have a mature skin. The skin becomes thinner and needs to be nourished more. It is important to note that face creams designed for mature skin (BHA, AHA, retinoids, etc.) may be too rich for a twenty-something girl and may cause unexpected reactions (pimples, irregularities, allergies, etc.). In fact, these products have been formulated to renew the cells of the epidermis quickly, which a young skin does not need (yet).

Also consider the season when picking your natural moisturizer. Your skin will require some adaptations in terms of hydration. In summer, opt for a light cream. In winter, a rich and protective care is advised so that your skin can fight the effects of the cold.

Our Selection of Face Creams at Typology.

Depending on your needs, the best moisturizer to use will be different:

  • For example, if you have skin that is tight and prone to dehydration lines, we recommend the nourishing face cream with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Rich in moisturizing and lipid-replenishing active ingredients, this care product reduces feelings of tightness and restores the skin's suppleness. It is suitable for dry, normal, and combination skin.

  • If you want to delay the appearance of signs of skin aging, you can choose the firming face cream with retinol and tsubaki oil. This treatment is made up of active tensors that promote the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for softening and firming the skin. Suitable for mature skin, this cream is not suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

  • To purify the skin and fight against skin imperfections, the purifying face cream with zinc PCA and bamboo extract is recommended. Suitable for oily skin prone to imperfections, this treatment is enriched with sebum-regulating active ingredients and fights against the development of bacteria.

  • If you are looking to even out your complexion and fight against the phenomenon of oxidation, you can choose the antioxidant face cream with vitamin C and lemon extract.


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