Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Avez-vous trop de poins noirs ?

Do you have too many blackheads?

Contrary to popular belief, blackheads are not necessarily the result of poor lifestyle habits. They can be due to hormonal factors or the use of certain medications. If you notice that you have an excess of blackheads on your face, avoid squeezing them with your nails. This action can leave scars. Instead, opt for appropriate treatments.

What are the causes of the appearance of blackheads?

Blackheads appear as a result of an accumulation of sebum and dead cells in the hair follicle. Upon exposure to air, this formed microcyst oxidises and turns black. If you do not apply the appropriate care, these open comedones will evolve into whiteheads, and then into pimples. Moreover, other factors can accentuate the development of blackheads, including:

  • Hormonal disturbances during puberty, pregnancy, contraceptive pill intake, or menstrual periods activate the sebaceous glands, promoting the appearance of blackheads;

  • Theapplication of comedogenic products, such as occlusive makeup products, hence the need to familiarise oneself with the ingredient list of the skincare product before any purchase;

  • Skins with a tendency to be combination to oily are more affected by blackheads. Indeed, these skin types naturally produce an excessive amount of sebum and their pores are much more dilated than other skin types;

  • Poor skin hygiene, such as going to sleep without having previously removed makeup or not moisturising the skin daily.

The morning facial care routine against blackheads.

To combat blackheads, provide your skin with the appropriate care. In the morning, start by applying a cotton pad soaked inpeppermint hydrosol over your entire face and neck to remove sebum, sweat and other impurities accumulated during the night, if the evening cleansing was done correctly. This treatment helps to deeply purify and sanitise the skin, while tightening dilated pores.

Continue with the mattifying serum containing azelaic acid, bamboo extract, and zinc. These active ingredients help to regulate sebum production for a mattified skin. Pour the equivalent of a small pea into the palm of your hand and spread the substance over your face and neck. Then apply a purifying face cream. It contains active ingredients that regulate sebum production and eliminate bacteria. You cannot complete a beauty routine without using a sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

The evening ritual against spots.

In the evening, the first thing to do is to remove all traces of makeup and impurities (pollution particles, dust, sunscreen residues, etc...) present on the surface of your skin with themicellar water containing 7 ingredients. This treatment gets rid of makeup and other impurities (pollution particles, dust, etc...) present on the surface of your skin, leaving it clean and soft. Once or twice a week, consider applying a face mask. This particular treatment helps to purify, hydrate and tighten the pores, which will then be less prone to harbour all sorts of dirt. Preferably opt for the purifying face mask with charcoal, green clay and nettle, which remove impurities and tighten the skin's texture.

Next, apply the exfoliating serum based on glycolic acid. This is the most commonly used fruit acid for scrubbing the skin of dead cells that dull the complexion and also promote the appearance of blackheads. It thus helps to regain smooth skin and an even complexion. Its use is recommended only in the evening. Finally, conclude your evening routine with the application of a purifying night serum with peony. This botanical concentrate helps to purify the skin thanks to its sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory actions.


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