Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Atténuer les ridules de déshydratation avec le sérum lèvres.

Diminish fine dehydration lines with the lip serum.

Dehydration fine lines are slight folds that appear on thin areas of the skin, such as around the eyes and mouth, as well as the surface of the lips. Thanks to moisturising treatments like serums, the lips and their surrounding area can regain a smoother and more regular appearance.

Dehydration fine lines: what are they?

As their name suggests, dehydration fine lines stem from a lack of hydration, exacerbated by repetitive movements of the facial muscles. Under the impact of external aggressions, such as wind, cold, UV rays, smoking, pollution etc... the skin's protective barrier, also known as the hydrolipidic film, thins and retains moisture less effectively. Already a thin and sensitive area, the lip contour is particularly prone to the appearance of dehydration fine lines. They present as superficial folds, which can appear at the corners of the mouth or between the top of the lip and the nose.

Furthermore, with age and the external factors previously mentioned, dehydration fine lines also appear on the lips, in the form of small streaks that allow lipstick to bleed.

How to diminish dehydration fine lines with a lip serum?

To mitigate dehydration fine lines, the first step is to provide the necessary hydration to the skin. For this, it is recommended to regularly use a serum for the lips and their contour. These are typically formulas concentrated in hydrating and protective active ingredients, such as vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E (INCI name: "Tocopherol"), vitamin C and its derivatives, etc.

Vegetable oils are used to provide fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin and lips. In addition, they strengthen the skin's protective layer and limit dehydration by preventing the evaporation of water molecules: this is referred to as insensible water loss.

Thehyaluronic acid is renowned for its moisturising action. Although it is naturally present in the body, its content drastically decreases with age. An external supply is often necessary to enhance its properties. Moreover, when it is present in its light form, with low molecular weight, hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply; it instantly hydrates the lips and keeps them moisturised over time. When added to a lip serum, it makes them soft and supple and reduces the appearance of dehydration fine lines.

The vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is a restorative and antioxidant ingredient. Its use as an active ingredient helps to counteract the effects of free radicals, known to accentuate fine lines. Moreover, this active ingredient possesses the same protective properties as fatty acids. In other words, it prevents dehydration; due to these actions, it is also often included in the composition of lip serums.

How to use our lip serum to reduce fine lines?

This serum provides a comprehensive plumping and smoothing action on the lips and the lip contour. The lips are hydrated and softened, and the lip contour is smoother and better defined. It containslow molecular weight hyaluronic acid (200 to 400 kDa) that penetrates deeply and instantly hydrates the skin. It also includes atripeptide (INCI name: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38) that activates the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

We advise you to apply the plumping lip serum daily, morning and evening, on a previously cleansed face. You can apply it with the brush and then spread it with your fingers on the lips and their contour, smoothing your features with regular massage movements from the inside out.


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