Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Huile ou baume à barbe : lequel choisir ?

Beard oil or beard balm: which one to choose?

Today, there are increasingly more treatments available for beard care. Between oils and balms, the choice is not always clear. Are there any significant differences between the benefits of an oil and those of a balm? Find our advice here to help you choose between these two products.

Beard oil and beard balm, what are the differences?

Beardoil is typically a blend of various plant oils with one or more essential oils. Its benefits are numerous and depend on the plant oils chosen for its formulation. Depending on these, a beard oil can be primarily nourishing and/or moisturising and/or soothing... It may also contain active ingredients aimed at accelerating hair growth such as basil extract or castor oil. Beard oil is primarily used to deeply nourish the skin and beard. It is applied directly to the beard with the fingers through massage to penetrate the hair follicles.

Beard balm is also composed of vegetable oils and essential oils but additionally contains one or more structuring ingredients such as a butter or vegetable wax. Unlike the beard oil, the balm is thick and firm to the touch. It is primarily used to nourish the hairs and facilitate the styling of the beard. Unruly hairs will be easy to tame using beard balm.

The major difference between these two types of care lies in their primary function: beard balm does not nourish the skin beneath the hairs, unlike the oil. Its effect is limited to the beard; it helps to tame it. The beard balm is primarily aimed at men with an already well-established beard, whereas beard oil can be used on a nascent beard. Beard balm cannot be used for massaging the skin as it risks making the beard greasy and shiny.

Beard oil or beard balm, which one to choose?

  • Thebeard oil is thus recommended for beards lacking vitality and/or prone to itching due to irritations from frequent shaving. It can also be used to stimulate hair growth and fill in any gaps that give the beard an irregular appearance. Easy to apply, it soothes itching and hydrates the facial skin as well as the hair.

  • Beard balm, on the other hand, is ideal for caring for long facial hair. As it begins to grow in length, the hairs tend to go in all directions. The balm will help to tame them, resulting in a neatly groomed beard throughout the day. The balm will provide a styling and setting effect on beards with long, unruly hairs.

Beard oil and beard balm, is it possible to combine the two?

Men with emerging, short, and sparse beards should prioritise the use ofbeard oil. If the beard is dry and brittle, it is possible to use beard oil morning and evening, daily. However, individuals with oily skin should rather apply beard oil once a day or even every other day, to improve the appearance of the beard without a significant greasy effect.

However, men with long and thick beards can certainly use both oil and balm, alternating their applications. The beard balm is then generally recommended in the morning, after cleansing the face, to set and tame the hairs. A beard comb or a toothbrush can be used. The beard oil, on the other hand, is used in the evening, always on a clean beard, to nourish and hydrate both the beard and the skin.

Note : Men with long, brittle and dry beards can use these two treatments at the same time. For this, the oil should be applied first to moisturise and soothe, then the balm to define the shape of the beard and facilitate styling. Care should be taken with the quantity so that the beard does not end up greasy and shiny.

The Typology beard oil.

Our beard oil containshemp seed oilwith nourishing and softening properties. It also includestheessential oil of green mandarin peelandScots pine needle essential oil. The latter gives this oil a fresh forest and pine sap fragrance.

It is packaged in a bottle equipped with a dosing pipette. Simply take a few drops into the palm of your hands and rub them together to warm and distribute the product. Then apply the treatment to the hairy area of the facial skin. During application, massage the beard in the direction of hair growth to promote its absorption.


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