Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Lotion tonique peaux à imperfections.

Which lotion should be used for blemish-prone skin?

Clogged pores, blackheads, shiny skin... These are just a few examples of the signs encountered by skin prone to blemishes. The main cause of these imperfections is the overproduction of sebum. Therefore, the care adopted should help to regulate sebum production and purify the skin. So, what is the lotion to use for this type of skin?

How to recognise skin prone to imperfections?

A skin prone to blemishes is oily due to excess sebum. The overproduction of sebum makes the skin shiny throughout the day, promotes the clogging of pores and consequently the appearance of comedones and acne. Sebum protects the skin from external aggressions and helps to maintain hydration, but can block the pores if it is produced in excess.

The term 'imperfection' refers to temporary occurrences on the skin such as blackheads, comedones, or cysts. Several factors can promote their appearance, such as excessive sebum production, hormonal fluctuations, exposure to the sun, or pollution.

Which lotion should be adopted to care for skin prone to imperfections?

To minimise blemishes, it is essential to regulate sebum production and cleanse the pores. Therefore, the application of a purifying lotion is necessary to combat imperfections. The brand Typology offers a purifying lotion composed of salicylic acid, centifolia rose hydrosol, zinc, and Aloe vera.

Thanks to its exfoliating action, salicylic acid promotes the removal of dead skin cells, thereby helping to reduce and smooth fine lines. It also limits the growth of microorganisms and purifies the superficial layers of the skin. These two combined actions help to prevent the appearance of blackheads and the clogging of pores.

On the other hand, the centifolia rose hydrosol soothes the skin and tightens dilated pores.

Zinc, on the other hand, reduces sebum secretion and thus diminishes the shiny appearance of the skin.

Aloe vera moisturises the skin while soothing irritations and itchiness. Discontinue its use in case of discomfort or irritation. Due to the presence of BHA, this lotion is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Peppermint hydrosol should also be incorporated into your skincare routine to combat blemishes. Thanks to its purifying and astringent properties, this treatment sanitises the skin and tightens the pores. Moreover, its refreshing action soothes discomfort caused by irritations. Opt for a hydrosol made from flowers sourced from organic farming. Furthermore, keep the hydrosol away from light and heat, as it is sensitive to these conditions.

How to apply the lotion?

The lotion is applied to clean skin, morning and evening.

1. Begin your routine by cleansing your skin, then apply the lotion using a cotton pad across your entire face.

2. After about thirty seconds, apply your serum or face cream. Do not wait for the lotion to be completely dry before applying your treatment, as the moisture helps to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients into the epidermis.


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