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What is "Candelilla Cera" and what is its utility?

What is "Candelilla Cera" and what is its utility?

Derived from the shrub Euphorbia cerifera, "Candelilla Cera" possesses numerous properties. It can be combined with other waxes to enhance the skin feel of the final formulation, increase the melting point, and strengthen the durability of the skincare products. Let's focus on the usefulness of this ingredient.

Candelilla Cera: everything you need to know about this ingredient.

The "Candelilla Cera" is derived from a shrub that primarily grows in Mexico, known as Euphorbia cerifera. Candelilla wax is composed of:

  • Of long-chain hydrocarbons;

  • Of waxy esters;

  • Of resin.

Thus, it is a brittle and hard wax, with a relatively high melting point of 70°C. Candelilla belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. During dry periods, this plant secretes a thin layer of wax that protects it against dehydration. When it rains, small pink flowers make their appearance.

Candelilla wax is extracted by immersing the leaves of the Euphorbia cerifera in boiling water. Once skimmed, it is gently heated to remove excess water. After cooling, it is transformed into pellets. Regarding its solubility, candelilla wax is:

  • Practically insoluble in water;

  • Soluble in benzene, acetone, carbon disulphide, petrol, hot petroleum ether, turpentine, oils, carbon tetrachloride, hot chloroform;

  • Poorly soluble in alcohol.

Candelilla Wax: What is its purpose?

Safe to use, candelilla wax can be combined with other oils. It is primarily used in:

  • Revitalising hair care: it provides shine and facilitates detangling;

  • Protective emulsions;

  • Lip care.

Candelilla wax fulfils numerous functions:

  • It softens and smooths the skin;

  • It creates a continuous film on the hair, skin, and nails;

  • It enhances the durability of eyeliners and mascaras;

  • It enhances the stability and texture of skincare treatments;

  • It allows for the tightening of skin pores;

  • It increases or decreases the viscosity of skincare products;

  • It promotes the emulsification process.

Candelilla wax is utilised as a thickening and stabilising agent within emulsions. Thanks to its properties, it facilitates the unmoulding of lipsticks. Moreover, it is used for perfumes and aromatic raw materials.

It is renowned for its film-forming power. Thus, it is an ally for damaged lips. If you have dry lips, we recommend our 9-ingredient lip balm. This treatment reduces feelings of tightness and dryness.

Candelilla wax is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of sticks, as it enhances the durability, demoulding, and appearance of the care product. Often used in conjunction with carnauba wax, it improves adhesion, texture, and finish.


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