New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Bienfaits huile essentielle d'eucalyptus globulus

What are the benefits of eucalyptus globulus essential oil for the skin?

The Eucalyptus globulus, also known as common eucalyptus or blue gum, is an evergreen tree from the Myrtaceae family, native to Australia. When applied topically, its essential oil is primarily recommended for problematic oily skin; it reduces the size of the sebaceous glands and regulates sebum production.

The eucalyptus globulus and its essential oil, in brief.

Originally from Australia, the common eucalyptus now grows in several regions of the world, including Portugal, California, Chile, South Africa, and India. The Latin name "globulus" refers to the shape of the fruit's operculum. This species of eucalyptus was nicknamed the "fever tree" as it was used in traditional medicine to treat malaria.

The steam distillation of common eucalyptus stems and leaves allows for the extraction of essential oil. To recap, this method involves mixing and heating the branches with water in a still, then cooling the steam in a condenser to recover it in liquid form. The essential oil, less dense than the water used for extraction, then floats on the surface. This water is none other than the hydrosol.

The essential oil thus obtained predominantly containseucalyptol (1,8-cineole) and, to a lesser extent,alpha-pinene. It also has a significant amount of limonene (between 1 and 15%), which varies depending on the environment. These active substances give this oil its aromatic and therapeutic properties.

The essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus, its benefits for the skin and hair.

When applied topically, this essential oil is particularly recommended for combination to oily skin types due to the properties described below:

  • It regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

    As a reminder, the sebaceous glands secrete sebum, a lipid film that protects the skin from pathogenic microorganisms and dehydration. However, usually under the influence of hormonal fluctuations, sebum can be produced in excess: this is referred to as'hyperseborrhea'. The skin appears oily or even shiny and the pores are clogged, leading to the appearance of imperfections. Through its reducing action on the size of the sebaceous glands, the eucalyptus globulus essential oil regulates sebum production and rebalances combination to oily skin.

  • As an anti-inflammatory, it reduces redness and soothes any potential discomfort associated with blemishes.

    Eucalyptol, also known as 1,8-cineole, is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that modulates the body's response to infection and soothes sensations of heat, and the resulting redness.

  • With its antibacterial properties, it purifies the skin.

    Eucalyptol, a component of the essential oil from the globulus eucalyptus, can also act against the bacteria that cause acne, helping to regulate their population. By disrupting the bacterial cell wall, this active ingredient makes it more permeable, leading to the release of proteins and nucleic acids essential for bacterial growth.

Note : The essential oil of Eucalyptus globulus is also recommended for oily hair. It combats excess sebum and the appearance of oily dandruff.

The essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus at Typology.

To mattify and rebalance oily skin, Typology has developed the purifying cleansing care withnettle and eucalyptus globulus essential oil. Resulting from a cold saponificationprocess, this solid soap cleanses the skin without aggression. Composed of 8% superfat, it ensures deep hydration. As a reminder, the superfat refers to the amount of vegetable oil remaining after the saponification reaction, the higher the percentage, the more gentle and nourishing the soap is.

Our purifying cleansing gel also contains eucalyptus globulus essential oil alongside zinc PCA andbamboo extract. Formulated with gentle, naturally derived surfactants and concentrated in purifying active ingredients, this cleansing gel sanitises the skin, regulates sebum production and limits the development of blemishes.


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