New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Bienfaits sérum pour les lèvres.

What are the benefits of a lip serum?

The skin of the lips is five times thinner than that on the rest of the face. Consequently, the lips are particularly vulnerable to external aggressions such as weather conditions, UV rays, smoking, and so on. Moreover, the lip contour is one of the first facial areas to show and reveal signs of ageing (fine lines, sagging). A daily applied lip serum brings several cosmetic benefits, which will be discussed in this article.

1. A serum for hydrating one's lips.

Generally, the primary function of a lip serum is hydration. Indeed, lips do not naturally produce sebum and often suffer from dryness. They then tend to show signs of dehydration lines which cause makeup to fade.

Lip serums often contain hydrating active ingredients, the most common of which ishyaluronic acid (INCI name: "Sodium Hyaluronate"). As a reminder, lips and skin naturally contain this compound which retains water molecules like a molecular sponge. Within the dermis, it helps to form its connective tissue and serves as a support for collagen and elastin fibres. Unfortunately, the stock of hyaluronic acid present in the dermis tends to decrease with age, leading to skin sagging, the appearance of wrinkles and thinning of the lips. In response to this, hyaluronic acid is now frequently used in aesthetic medicine in the form of injections, particularly in the lips. Applying a lip serum based on hyaluronic acid is less invasive but also promotes good results in terms of lip hydration, giving them a plumped appearance.

Note : Some lip serums do not contain hyaluronic acid but other active ingredients that stimulate the natural synthesis of this molecule. The effects are similar in terms of hydration and plumping.

2. A serum to protect one's lips.

The skin of the lips is very thin and permeablecompared to that of the rest of the face. They do not have either sebaceous or sweat glands to create a protective hydrolipidic film like the rest of the body. Consequently, the lips are put to a severe test when they are exposed to cold, wind, UV rays, rain, and pollution.

To mitigate these aggressions, certain lip serums are enriched with vitamin E.Also known as tocopherol, this vitamin is renowned for its antioxidant properties. It neutralises the aggressive action of free radicals on the skin and protects it from external aggressions (pollution, UV...) that accelerate skin ageing. The lips then appear more plump.

Furthermore, some lip serums may also contain vegetable and/or mineral oils, in order to lay a film on the surface of the lips that limits dehydration and protects them from external aggressions. As a reminder, Typology excludes from its formulas all oils derived from petrochemicals. The plumping lip serum presented below contains a vegetable oil composed mainly of fatty acid triglycerides (INCI name: "Olus Oil"). This 100% natural ingredient contains neither preservatives nor GMOs.

3. A serum to plump up your lips.

To boost the volume of one's lips, which tends to decrease with age, some serums are enriched with active molecules, whose role is to stimulate blood microcirculation. In this latter case, these are "warming" actives that provide a sensation of heat upon application for an immediate "plumpy" effect. Generally, these are extracts of pepper and/or chillies that fulfil this function.

4. A serum to diminish the fine lines around the mouth.

The skin around the lips is thinner, more delicate, and subjected to intense muscular activity. Fine lines form and the definition of the lip contour diminishes. Lip serums are typically applied not only to the lips but also to the surrounding area. The hydrating ingredients they contain also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth and protect this area from external aggressions and dehydration.

Discover our lip serum that is 99% naturally derived.

Ourplumping lip serumis vegan and formulated without mineral oils, beeswax, and pigments. It is suitable for both normal and dry to very dry lips. It provides a comprehensive plumping and smoothing action on the lips and the lip contour. The lips are hydrated and softened, and the lip contour is smoother and better defined. It containslow molecular weight hyaluronic acid (200 to 400 kDa) that penetrates deeply and instantly hydrates the skin. It also contains atripeptide (INCI name:"Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38") that activates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, for plumped and sculpted lips.


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