Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Les bienfaits des chaussettes hydratantes.

Moisturising Socks: Everything you need to know about this foot care treatment

Having persistently dry feet can be both bothersome and painful if cracks are present. If you have less time to dedicate to foot care, you can bypass a care routine by opting for the use of moisturising socks. Learn more about this type of care in this article.


What are moisturising socks? How should they be used?

The feet are among the areas of the body that lack sebaceous glands, particularly the soles, which are devoid of them, hence their dry appearance. The heels can even develop cracks in cases of intense dryness on the feet. You may apply a moisturising cream every night before sleeping, but the unattractive appearance of the feet persistently returns.

Placing your feet in moisturising socks is the solution to adopt for achieving smooth and supple skin. They look like regular socks, but are heavier. These accessories are dedicated to foot skin care.

What do moisturising socks contain?

Some socks are lotioned, others are sold with an integrated lotion. The non-cream model is composed of moisturising ingredients such as olive oil, theavocado oil, thejojoba oil, grape seed oil and the vitamin E. Humectant agents such as glycerine, urea or hyaluronic acid may be included to attract and retain moisture in the skin. These socks may also contain emollient ingredients such as lanolin can help to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. These active ingredients are contained in a polymer gel integrated into the socks. Comfortably satisfying, these models save you time as you will no longer have to apply care to the feet.

What are the effects of moisturising socks on the skin?

Moisturising socks offer numerous benefits. Remaining vigilant about their use avoids risks.

The benefits of moisturising socks.

Easy to use, these accessories dedicated to foot care offer numerous benefits.

  • Intense hydration.

    Socks soaked in lotions facilitate skin renewal. Your thick and damaged feet regain their softness gradually as you wear them. This type of socks provides deep hydration for your feet, helping to treat flaking and enhance the skin's appearance.

  • Prevents the emergence of skin growths.

    Dry skin exhibits a high sensitivity and is more likely to form skin outgrowths in response to pressures exerted during walking or the friction caused by wearing narrow shoes. Therefore, it is important to regularly moisturise the feet to prevent the appearance of calluses, corns or hard skin.

  • Provides comfort.

    This type of skincare is particularly appreciated due to the sensation of comfort and relaxation it provides.

The dangers associated with the use of moisturising socks.

Moisturising socks can be slippery and uncomfortable due to the dampness they create. Choosing models that can reduce slipperiness is recommended to minimise accident risks. Socks equipped with soles may feel like walking on a bag of jelly, but their grip ensures your safety.


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