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Mists or hydrolats, what are their differences?

Mists or hydrolats, what are their differences?

Both beneficial for the skin, mists and hydrosols are treatments that capture attention. If care mists are specifically formulated to hydrate the skin in warm weather, hydrosols, on the other hand, have a versatile use. The key points on the differences between mists and hydrosols.

Mists for a hydrated, refreshed and fragranced skin.

Functioning both as a treatment and a fragrance, mists are spray waters, typically based on hyaluronic acid, used for skin hydration and refreshment. Rich in trace elements, they act on the skin in various ways, depending on the type of mist chosen. In essence, care mists, whether thermal, botanical or mineral, are treatments designed to hydrate, purify and protect the skin against polluting agents. Besides the pleasant sensation of freshness their use brings, mists also provide a lighter and less concentrated alternative to toilet waters.

Hydrosols, a versatile natural treatment.

Unlike care mists, hydrosols, sometimes referred to as "floral water", are aromatic waters derived from the steam distillation of aromatic plants. This treatment is obtained simultaneously with essential oils, which, being light, float on the surface of the hydrosol at the end of distillation. Thus, hydrosols are plant derivatives, and their composition is similar to that of essential oils. However, this aromatic water differs in its low concentration of active ingredients. Nevertheless, the actions and benefits of hydrosols are not limited. Indeed, they are used in various fields in aromatherapy but are also used as skin care. Depending on the condition and type of your skin, there is a selection of hydrosols.

Usage: what are the differences?

Care mists are used in a beauty routine for various reasons. In addition to contributing to skin hydration due to the active components they contain, they strengthen the defences of the epidermis. They can also act as a fixative by softening the skin for better absorption of make-up. However, one must not forget one of the main functions of mists, which is to refresh the skin without harming it and deeply purify the epidermis in the process. To enjoy the benefits of care mists, a quick spritz now and then is sufficient.

On the other hand, hydrosols, due to their moderate concentration of aromatic actives, are equally gentle and beneficial for the skin. However, due to their versatility, these aromatic waters are not limited to skincare. Indeed, the virtues of hydrosols are also utilised in aromatherapies as well as in cooking. Thus, hydrosols can be ingested without issue as part of a detoxifying cure, a digestive problem or insomnia. Furthermore, the relaxing properties of this water make it a bath treatment, capable of dissipating both pain and fatigue. Otherwise, thanks to their slightly acidic pH, hydrosols constitute a natural treatment for both skin and hair, to be applied with a cotton pad.


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