Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Mode d'application d'un sérum mascara.

Instructions: How to apply a mascara serum?

To achieve greater length and volume, many people typically resort to using mascaras and false eyelashes. However, for a lasting result, mascara serum has become a must-have. It enhances the gaze with a natural effect. If you wish to incorporate mascara serum into your makeup routine to enjoy its benefits, discover the steps to ensure a clump-free and spill-free application.

Mascara serum: what is it?

Taking care of one's eyelashes is often an overlooked step in a makeup routine. Nowadays, mascara alone is no longer sufficient for achieving longer and stronger lashes, they also require the application of a treatment. Harmed by poorly adapted makeup removal, frequent use of an eyelash curler or extensions, lashes can fall out, become brittle, damaged or less dense. However, with a mascara serum, it allows for the care and regular maintenance of the lashes thanks to the various active ingredients it contains in its formula.

While mascara is used to provide colour, intensify the curve, and create the illusion of longer and thicker lashes, the mascara serumaims to maintain the health of the lashes to prevent their premature fall and promote their growth. Moreover, unlike false lashes and mascaras, this hybrid care offers lasting results. The mascara serum is thus a makeup care for the lashes, combining the properties of a mascara base and those of a mascara in a single product. Multifunctional, it is designed to colour the lashes, shape them, add volume and enlarge them for a sublime look. Enriched with strengthening and nourishing active ingredients, it will stimulate lash growth, limit their fall and lengthen them in the long term for a natural finish.

Beauty Tutorial: How to apply mascara serum?

The application of a mascara serum follows the same rules as a traditional mascara. It should always be applied at the end of your makeup routine, that is after the complexion and eye makeup (eyeshadows, eyeliner...). While mascara requires a base, with the mascara serum this step is no longer necessary.

Small advice : If you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to put them in before applying makeup, whether it's on the eyes, eyebrows or complexion, to avoid the risk of irritation or even infection of the eyeball. If makeup is applied beforehand, particles can enter the eye and become trapped between the lens and the eyeball.

Here are the various steps to correctly apply a mascara serum so that it gives you a look with longer and fuller lashes:

  1. Gently twist the applicator out of the mascara serum tube, rather than pumping it back and forth, to ensure it is sufficiently coated with the product and to preserve the mascara serum. Indeed, the back-and-forth motion allows air to enter, which in turn accelerates the drying out of the product;

  2. Facing the mirror, lift your chin and look downwards. After removing any excess mascara serum, start at the middle of the upper eyelashes, place the brush at the base of the lashes to better promote their growth and reach the follicles, and stretch the material to the tips with a gentle zigzag motion. This movement will help to coat the lashes and give them a curve. Then move back up along the lashes to distribute the material and thus achieve a uniform result. For the small lashes at the inner corner of the eye, use the tip of the applicator;

    Little tip : It is essential to perform the correct action in order to minimise the deposit of clumps on the eyelashes, that is, in a single stroke while avoiding multiple passes.

  3. After each layer of mascara serum, before it dries, sweep a clean mascara brush through to give your lashes a more curved shape as the result after applying a mascara serum is not optimal. This action also helps to smooth out the product and remove any excess to avoid ending up with clumps on the lashes;

    Little tip : To optimise the hold of the mascara serum, you can apply a bit of loose powder on the first layer of mascara before applying a second one.

  4. For a more noticeable result and a fuller look, repeat the process a second time. However, wait a few minutes before each application, allowing time for the previous layer to dry. It is not advisable to apply the serum mascara more than three times, as this risks creating clumps on the lashes and making the makeup look heavy;

  5. After applying makeup to the upper lashes, you can then tint the central part of the lower lashes by sweeping the rounded tip of the brush in a vertical position for better precision, applying makeup to each lash individually to avoid getting any on the face.

    If you have applied too much, wait for the spot to dry to prevent it from spreading before removing it with the end of a dry cotton bud.

At the end of the day, remember to remove it properly, even though it is also a treatment, using an eye makeup remover. Indeed, it can dry out the lashes, make them brittle and promote their fall, or even cause irritations, conjunctivitis or blepharitis. You could, for instance, opt for a cleansing oil, a bi-phase makeup remover or a micellar water, which are effective in removing all residues of the mascara serum.

A few words on Typology's mascara serum.

At Typology, we have developed a mascara serum. This 2-in-1 treatment combines the functions of a traditional mascara and a lash serum. It nourishes, lengthens, strengthens and shapes the lashes, while tinting them for a natural finish.

With its bio-sourced bristle brush made from castor fibres, combined with a fortifying and nourishing formula, the mascara serum easily lengthens and strengthens the eyelashes to add depth to the gaze. Available in black and suitable for all eye colours, it is composed of 95% natural origin ingredients. Its success is due to the actions of its natural active ingredients, namely:

  • The pea peptides that naturally strengthen and increase the length of eyelashes;

  • Thecastor oil that nourishes and reduces eyelash breakage due to its strengthening properties;

  • The plant keratin that strengthens the structure of the eyelashes and their resilience;

  • Thearginine that promotes eyelash growth and reduces their loss.

The whole works in synergy to provide length and strength to the eyelashes. Moreover, our formula contains water to facilitate the dissolution of the mascara during makeup removal, without rubbing or damaging the eyelashes.

Our black mascara serum also contains carnauba wax to thicken, lengthen and lift lashes from root to tip. However, it has been formulated without silicones, nor talc, nor mineral oils. The formula is also vegan, meaning it contains no beeswax or animal fat.


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