New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Les bienfaits de la phytokératine sur les cheveux.

The benefits of phytokeratin on hair..

Typically, the keratin used in traditional cosmetics is of animal origin. At Typology, we have chosen to opt for a plant-based alternative: phytokeratin. This natural origin does not detract from its benefits for taking care of hair fibres.

Phytokeratin, a plant-based keratin.

Phytokeratin is a fine beige powder obtained by hydrolysing wheat or almond proteins through an enzymatic process. It is a plant-based alternative to animal keratin. Phytokeratin is used in the cosmetic industry because it has an amino acid structure similar to the keratin naturally found in the skin, hair or nails. On the I.N.C.I lists of cosmetic products, phytokeratin is designated as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein or Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein.

Focus on the keratin found in hair.

Keratin, a fibrous protein rich in sulphur, is the main component of hair. It is thanks to the organisation of keratin in the cortex that hair has the property of being resilient. If the scalp were strong enough, a normal head of 120,000 hairs could support a weight of 12 tonnes!

Keratin, due to its biochemical structure, plays a significant role in hair cohesion. Indeed, it is composed of a sequence of 18 amino acids, many of which are cysteine units that carry sulphur functions. The keratin chains are linked together by two types of bonds, but it is the disulphide bonds that are responsible for hair cohesion. We refer to these as disulphide bridges.

Please note : A disulphide bond is a connection that forms between the sulphur atoms of the thiol functions of two cysteines. The formation of a disulphide bond is a reversible redox reaction. Hairdressers actually use this technique to change the shape of the hair by straightening it or conversely, curling it.

The benefits of phytokeratin on hair.

As explained above, hair is composed of approximately 95% keratin. Keratin plays a crucial role in hair health by providing it with strength and elasticity. However, certain factors can damage the hair's keratin. This includes colouring and bleaching, as well as perms and the repeated use of heat styling tools (straighteners, curling irons). UV rays from the sun can also lead to a degradation of the hair's keratin.

Reminder : Using a sun oil for hair that contains an SPF is therefore essential when you expose yourself to the sun!

Phytokeratin is found in shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Indeed, the use of hair care products based on phytokeratin allows the replication of the actions of keratin on the hair fibre because their structures are very similar. Phytokeratin preserves the elasticity of the hair. Gaining in flexibility, the hair becomes light and easy to detangle. It also strengthens the hair fibre and thus improves the resistance of the hair. Applied to brittle, damaged and dry hair, it will repair them in depth. Not only will the hair be healthier, but it will also be better protected from external aggressions.

In which Typology skincare products can one find phytokeratin?

Offering numerous benefits to the hair, we have used phytokeratin in the formulation of some of our hair care products.

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo.

Our anti-dandruff shampoo is formulated with phytokeratin and piroctone olamine antifungal action and sebum-regulating properties. This works in synergy with thejujube extract which regulates flaking and soothes the scalp by reducing irritation and itching. It also contains essential oils of Atlas cedar and clary sage known for their anti-dandruff and sebum-regulating properties.

  • Volume-boosting shampoo.

Just like our anti-dandruff shampoo, our volume shampoo contains phytokeratin. The proteins that make up phytokeratin help to fill in gaps on the hair fibre surface, coat the hair and smooth the cuticle. Fragile hair regains substance and shine, while damaged hair becomes more supple and soft. This shampoo also contains biotin and panthenol, active ingredients that strengthen the hair. Thealoe vera in the formula helps to hydrate the scalp and adds shine to the hair. Moreover, it contains essential oils of rosemary and Scots pine which work in synergy to regulate and purify the scalp.

  • Hair repair mask.

Ourrestorative hair mask, formulatedwithbiomimetic ceramides, mango butterandavocado oilhelps to restore the cohesion of the cuticle and strengthen and repair the hair. Thescales are filled, the cuticle is smoothed and the cortex is better protected.


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