Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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How often should one hydrate their lips?

The lips have a thinner skin compared to the rest of the face and are sensitive to external aggressions. Without proper hydration, the lips can dry out quickly. What can be done to prevent dehydration? How often should the lips be hydrated? Discover our advice.

Lip Care: The Importance of Hydration.

The skin of the lips is one of the thinnest on our body, yet they are the first to endure a multitude of environmental assaults: temperature fluctuations, makeup, sun exposure, wind, the acidity of saliva, spicy foods, etc. Moreover, the skin on the lips lacks sebaceous and sweat glands, and therefore cannot produce sebum or sweat for protection. As a result, its natural skin barrier is extremely fragile. The effects of dehydration are thus quickly visible: chapping, fine lines of dryness, flaking... It is therefore necessary to protect, nourish and repair the lips through the regular application of a moisturising treatment.

Which lip balm should you choose?

An effective lip balm should contain fatty substances, natural moisturising elements (aloe vera, glycolic acid, sweet almond oil, glycerine), repairing agents (sunflower seed oil, raspberry seed oil, etc...) and protective substances (beeswax, cocoa butter, etc...). These three components are necessary to prevent dryness and chapping. It may also contain soothing active ingredients such as bisabolol or peppermint macerate. However, avoid lip balms composed of essential oils with allergenic and drying effects, and water.

Our lip moisturiser contains shea butter and sunflower seed oil. Shea butter is known for its moisturising and nourishing properties, which are attributed to its rich fatty acid composition. However, it is primarily its unsaponifiable fraction (phytosterols, alpha and beta amyrin, etc...) that makes it a calming, soothing and repairing ingredient. Rich in anti-radical agents, sunflower seed oil protects the lip skin from free radicals, nourishes and softens it. This product also contains polyglycerides derived from flax and castor, which help to hydrate the skin and provide it with suppleness.

Designed with a minimalist formula, our 9-ingredient lip balm is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is made with 99.8% naturally derived ingredients. To enjoy its benefits, take a small amount of the lip balm on your fingertip, then apply it to your lips. You can reapply several times a day if you feel discomfort. Don't forget to apply it before going to bed to nourish your lips overnight and wake up with soft and nourished lips.

How often should one hydrate their lips?

As we have previously indicated, it is important to regularly hydrate your lips with a suitable balm, even before applying lipstick. But how often should this be done to prevent lips from becoming dry? Three applications per day are sufficient: for instance, once in the morning after brushing your teeth, another after lunch, and a final generous layer before going to bed. This last step is the most crucial, as this is when the skin regenerates and is most receptive to treatment. Of course, if during the day your lips feel the need for hydration, do not hesitate to apply another layer of the product.


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