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L'effet de l'huile végétale d'amande douce sur les cernes.

How is sweet almond oil an anti-dark circle treatment?

Sweet almond oil contains numerous active ingredients with properties beneficial for the skin. It is hydrating and nourishing. Used to alleviate various targeted issues, sweet almond oil also helps combat dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles: origins, causes and definition.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the mechanism responsible for the appearance of different types of dark circles. While lack of sleep is often blamed, it is unfortunately not the only cause of this common phenomenon, regardless of skin type. When it comes to dark circles, there are three distinct types.

  • The vascular dark circles are characterised by the presence of a concentric circle under the eyes with a bluish or purplish hue, linked to a failure of the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation around the eye contour. The causes of this type of dark circles can be internal and external: lack of sleep, genetic reason, skin ageing.

  • The brown circles (or pigmented circles) appear as halos present under the eyes of a brown colour, resulting from a hyperpigmentation issue in the area (accumulation of melanin pigments in the superficial layers of the epidermis). They primarily affect individuals with medium to dark skin tones.

  • The hollow dark circles are V-shaped hollows under the eyes, which can appear black depending on the light. They are caused by a loss of fat between the skin of the lower eyelid and the orbital bone towards the cheekbones, resulting in a loss of volume. The factors are ageing, heredity or even significant weight loss.

The effects of sweet almond oil on dark circles.

There are numerous natural remedies to combat dark circles. Among them, sweet almond oil is practical and easy to handle.

  • It stimulates the microcirculation of blood.

    The vitamin K found in sweet almond vegetable oil enhances circulation by ensuring proper blood coagulation. This helps to reduce redness. Therefore, sweet almond oil is particularly effective against vascular dark circles.

  • It combats skin ageing.

    Loaded with antioxidants such as powerful vitamin E and phytosterols (including beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol), this vegetable oil fights against the first signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the eye contour. This active ingredient actively combats free radicals that attack the healthy constituents of the epidermis.

The use of sweet almond oil to combat dark circles.

Before using sweet almond oil, it is essential to ensure that it is 100% natural and derived from organic farming. The oil should be extracted from the first cold pressing of the seeds of the almond tree's fruits. When obtained in this way, the oil retains all its natural properties.

There are treatments available to combat dark circles, which are based on sweet almond oil. These often come in the form of a serum or eye contour cream. These treatments are typically applied once a day, either in the morning or evening.

Sweet almond oil can also be used undiluted to combat dark circles. To do this, it is used as a massage oil for the eye contour. The oil should only be applied to a clean, dry face. Place a few drops of sweet almond oil under your eyes and gently massage with clean fingers. To see results quickly, it is recommended to incorporate sweet almond oil into an evening routine. The massage should be performed every day before going to sleep for about a week. The skin under the eyes will have regained its radiance and hydration.

Note: Sweet almond oil is derived from nut fruits. Therefore, it contains allergens. Before incorporating it into a routine, it is recommended to perform a skin tolerance test.


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