Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Correcteur de teint vert rougeurs.

How does the green concealer camouflage redness?

A highly popular colour corrector, the green corrector is favoured by individuals prone to redness. This product is highly effective in concealing signs of irritation, small blood vessels, or post-inflammatory marks. How do green correctors work? Let's explore together the colourimetric mechanisms at play.

Published March 25, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 6 min read

Redness: What are the causes?

Painful and uncomfortable, redness on the face is a relatively common skin issue that often leads to frustration and a loss of self-confidence in those affected. Depending on their causes, they can take different forms, more or less widespread and inflamed.

  • Irritation-induced redness.

    One of the primary causes of redness isirritation triggered by the skin's contact with an allergen: this is often a case of contact eczema. Unlike atopic dermatitis, this allergic reaction can occur in theabsence of a genetic atopic predisposition. After contact with the allergen in question, several symptoms may appear: red patches, swelling, small pimples, fluid-filled blisters, skin thickening and flaking. Various substances can cause allergic reactions, such as perfumes, clothing dyes, nickel accessories, resins, cosmetics, pesticides...

  • Redness caused by the dilation of micro-vessels.

    Chronic redness can also be due to rosacea, a dermatosis characterised by a significant dilation of the blood vessels. More commonly observed in individuals with fair skin, the redness caused by rosacea is often accompanied by tightness, tingling and hot flushes. The causes of rosacea are not well understood. However, it appears that genetic predisposition, parasitic colonisation, heat, sunlight, stress or certain dietary habits may exacerbate the redness.

  • The redness caused by skin blemishes.

    Another inflammatory phenomenon that can cause redness is acne. Various physiological mechanisms are involved in the pathogenesis of acne, including an excessive production of sebum, a proliferation of the bacterium Cutibacterium acnes and a follicular hyperkeratosis. These different elements cause the obstruction of the skin's pores and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The result: microcysts and blemishes appear. Due to the inflammatory nature of acne, eruptions are accompanied by redness and can lead to erythema once the acne is controlled. It should be noted that these red marks are temporary and usually disappear on their own within a few months, unlike acne scars.

The green concealer to diminish redness?

The complexion correctors come in many colours: purple, red, yellow... These cosmetic products are formulated with pigments, used in the form of very fine powder, which give them their colouration. One of the most popular is the green corrector, used to camouflage redness. The effectiveness of this corrector relies on the ability of the green colour to cancel out the red. Indeed, red and green are complementary colours, which means they neutralise each other when combined.

If you have paint at home, you can conduct a test by mixing a bit of red with green. You will achieve an ochre colour, somewhere between brown and beige. By adjusting the proportion of red and green, you will find it possible to achieve a shade close to your skin colour. Therefore, if you have some redness on your face, you can use a bit of green concealer to neutralise it. There are two possible techniques, depending on the extent of your redness.

  • In the event of localised redness : if the redness you wish to conceal is very localised, we advise you to apply a few drops of green concealer directly onto your skin in the form of small dots. Be sure to use the concealer sparingly to avoid any caked-on effect. Then blend the product using a makeup sponge or your fingers by gently tapping. You will then see your redness disappear. For an even brighter complexion, you can apply a foundation right after the concealer.

  • In case of widespread redness : if your redness is spread across your face, you can proceed in the same way and apply the green corrector directly to the affected areas or mix a few drops of corrector with your foundation before applying it. These two techniques offer a similar result and an even complexion. The second simply allows you to save a bit of time by simplifying the makeup process and reducing the number of necessary steps.

Discover the green corrector from Typology.

At Typology, we offer you a green concealer that provides natural coverage for your redness and helps to reduce it application after application. Enriched with niacinamide and green algae extract, compounds known for their anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes the skin and reduces the appearance of micro-blood vessels to permanently reduce the appearance of redness. Finally, this tinted care is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


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