New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Castor oil to reduce wrinkles?

Castor vegetable oil is primarily known for its ability to strengthen hair fibres. It can also be used on the face and has numerous skin benefits. Can this vegetable oil reduce wrinkles? Here are some elements of response.

Published February 14, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 5 min read

An overview of wrinkles.

Wrinkles gradually form over the course of life. The first usually appear around the age of 25 - 30 years, following the decrease in synthesis of collagen and elastin by the fibroblasts. This leads to a loss in skin suppleness and elasticity, as well as its thinning. The epidermis also produces less sebum , which increases skin dryness and promotes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin sagging is also exacerbated by frequent exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, which is the cause of photoaging. This leads to an increase in the rate of free radicals in the body, reactive oxygen species that cause damage to DNA, proteins, and cells, and promote skin ageing mechanisms. Another aggravating factor is smoking. Indeed, cigarettes themselves contain several free radicals.

What is the effect of castor oil on wrinkles?

Castor oil is obtained through cold extraction from the seeds of the castor oil plant, a shrub native to Central Africa. The use of castor oil dates back to ancient Egypt. It is said that Queen Cleopatra regularly used it as a makeup remover and to enhance the whiteness of her eyes. Today, castor oil is incorporated into many cosmetic products under its INCI name Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil. Although this botanical extract has numerous benefits for the skin and hair, no scientific study to date has demonstrated its effect on wrinkles and fine lines. However, it possesses several properties that allow it to delay their appearance.

  • The vegetable oil of castor aids in the preservation of the hydrolipidic film.

    Castor oil contains several saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, active ingredients that ensure good skin hydration. These molecules largely make up the composition of the hydrolipidic film , a natural aqueous/oily mixture that helps to slow down water loss and protect the skin from external aggressions (bacteria, UV, pollution...). In doing so, the fatty acids in castor oil prevent the appearance of dehydration fine lines. These small superficial streaks appear on the areas of the face where the skin is most fragile and are caused by a weakening of the skin barrier and the hydrolipidic film, leading to the gradual evaporation of water from the epidermis.

  • The vegetable oil of castor protects skin cells from oxidative stress.

    Castor oil also contains tocopherols (vitamin E), which are powerful natural antioxidants. These molecules work by neutralising free radicals through an electron donation before they can damage skin cells (keratinocytes and melanocytes). Therefore, castor vegetable oil has a photoprotective action that delays skin sagging.

How to use castor oil?

  • Pure.

    In prevention of skin ageing, you can apply pure castor oil to your face or body. To do this, take a few drops of oil and apply them over the entire area. Then gently massage in a circular motion so that the oil is effectively absorbed by the skin. However, it should be noted that castor oil has a rather thick and greasy texture, and it is preferable to use it only in the evening.

  • Diluted in a cream.

    You can also use castor oil in synergy with your moisturising cream. To do this, take a small amount of cream in the palm of your hand and add one or two drops of castor oil. You can then apply the treatment by gently massaging it in.

Find castor oil in our wrinkle and fine line serum.

At Typology, we have incorporated castor oil into our wrinkle and fine line serum for its hydrating effects on the skin. Formulated with 0.3% of retinol, an excellent tightening active ingredient, this treatment prevents skin sagging by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Day after day, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles become less visible.

Please note : as retinol is light-sensitive, we recommend using this product in the evening only. This serum is not advised for individuals with sensitive skin, as well as pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, as a precautionary measure.


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