Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Comment utiliser l'huile de buriti ?

Where and How Is Buried Oil Used?

Produced by cold pressing the fruit pulp of the buriti, a palm tree native to Brazil, this vegetable oil is one of the richest natural sources of beta-carotene. It is the precursor of vitamin A in the epidermis. This molecule provides antioxidant and photoprotective properties. Buriti oil thus promotes tanning and helps prevent sun damage.

Focus on Buriti Oil

This red-orange vegetable oil contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid (omega-6), oleic acid (omega-9), palmitic acid and stearic acid. These compounds provide nutrition and elasticity to the skin due to their ability to restore the hydrolipidic film. The plant oil of buriti is thus characterized as lipid replenishing. It is recommended to take care of dry skin.

Rich in beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A in the epidermis, as well as in vitamin E, buriti oil is an excellent antioxidant care that fights against skin aging induced by oxidative stress. In addition, beta-carotene has the ability to activate the production of melanin, the skin pigment responsible for the brown color of the skin and therefore tanning. It also provides buriti oil with photoprotective power: it offers efficient protection against the sun's UV rays. Be careful, however, it does not replace a broad-spectrum sunscreen and is used in addition to it.

In cosmetic care, the vegetable oil of buriti is referred to as I.N.C.I. "Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil". Even if it is not very sensitive to oxidation, it is best kept in a cool place, away from heat and light in an amber bottle.

How To Use Buriti Oil on the Skin?

To take advantage of its benefits, buriti oil is used as an ingredient in moisturizing creams and milks, serums with a healthy glow, etc. It is common to combine it with other compounds, such as vegetable oils and essential oils:

  • To nourish dry skin, buriti oil can be mixed with borage oil or shea butter. In the form of cream or milk, this type of care can be applied in the morning and evening. The combination of buriti oil and jojoba oil is also suitable for skin lacking radiance. Typology has used this combination to create the White Rose Botanical Blend. It is best applied in the morning, and helps the skin maintain its tanned look, for a healthy glow.

  • To soothe sunburn, it may be appropriate to mix buriti oil with calendula oil to create a soothing and regenerating treatment.

  • For a "self-tanning" effect, buriti oil can be combined with carrot oil macerate. This combination provides a care rich in provitamin A that promotes the production of melanin and an even tan. To prepare your skin for tanning, apply this mixture morning and night to the face and body. You can, for example, perform this ritual two weeks before leaving on vacation. Be careful, however, during exposure to the sun, this does not replace a broad-spectrum sunscreen and should be used in addition to it.

Note: Buriti oil can also be used pure, as a tanning or after-sun oil, or as a care oil to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, morning and evening.

In Which Typology Skin Care Products Can You Find Buriti Oil?

Typology has developed a botanical blend with buriti. This serum composed of 6 plant extracts is rich in beta-carotene. It revives the radiance of the complexion and offers a subtle immediate tan. Please note that this treatment is not a self-tanner.

Along with organic camellia oil, buriti oil also forms a cleansing balm. The texture of transformation balm — oil — milk removes make-up from the face and eyes and cleans gently. The skin is supple, soft and comfortable.

You can also find buriti oil in our progressive self-tanning serum DHA 10% + carob pulp. This one offers a natural, progressive and adjustable tan thanks to the association of self-tanning molecules of plant origin.

How To Use Buriti Oil for Hair?

Thanks to its essential fatty acid content, this oil revitalizes dehydrated and dry hair and adds shine. To take advantage of its benefits, simply add a few drops to your usual shampoo. However, some hair care products are already enriched with buriti oil, such as masks, conditioners and oils.

In addition, buriti oil is recommended to take care of your hair coloring. Indeed, provitamin A and vitamin E can act against the oxidation of hair fibers, which causes discoloration and dullness of the color. In addition, provitamin A promotes pigmentation with its orange color. To preserve a hair color, it is therefore advisable to make a bath of buriti oil. To do this, mix a few drops of buriti oil in a vegetable oil (jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc.) and apply this mixture to your wet hair. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing and continuing with your regular shampoo. Buriti oil can also be combined with other compounds depending on your hair color. As an example, chamomile extract is an ally for blonde hair.

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