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What is "Tocopherol" and what is its utility?

What is "Tocopherol" and what is its utility?

Tocopherol, also known as Vitamin E, is a naturally occurring antioxidant. It is primarily used as a preservative in the preparation of balms, oils, and macerates. It can also serve as an active ingredient against inflammation. Tocopherol is recommended for the creation of skincare products, particularly for dry and mature skin.

Published November 5, 2021, updated on February 2, 2024, by Stéphanie, Doctorate in Life and Health Sciences — 2 min read

What is tocopherol?

Tocopherol is an organic ingredient that forms part of Vitamin E. This antioxidant molecule helps to preserve treatments that have an oily phase, including vegetable oils and butters. Present in the form of a viscous liquid, it displays a red or brown colour. Due to its antioxidant properties, tocopherol plays a role in slowing down skin ageing. It reduces the effects of UV rays on the skin.

The Utility of Tocopherol

As an antioxidant, tocopherol acts as a natural preservative, safeguarding the oily phases of skincare products. To achieve this, one must use 0.5 ml of natural vitamin E, which equates to approximately 9 to 10 drops for a 100 ml skincare product. Tocopherol can also be used as an active ingredient. It can be incorporated cold and at the end of the preparation process.

It should be noted that vitamin E serves as a supplement to your beauty routine. It protects the skin from diseases, accelerates healing, and prevents premature ageing. Furthermore, tocopherol limits damage caused by UV rays. It also helps to combat age spots and pregnancy marks.

Given that tocopherol is primarily used in oil-based skincare, it should be applied sparingly and with a gentle massage.


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