Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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What is "Fructose" and what is its utility?

What is "Fructose" and what is its utility?

Found naturally in honey and fruits, fructose is a simple sugar used both in the food industry and in skincare and haircare. The following question arises: what is fructose and what is its utility? Let's focus on this ingredient.

Fructose: What is it?

Fructose falls into the category of glucose isomers, as they have a similar chemical composition (C6H12O6), but different structures. Fructose naturally occurs in fruits and honey. It has a positive topical effect on the skin. However, it can lead to side effects if ingested frequently. Combined with glucose, it forms sucrose.

Categorised among monosaccharides due to its chemical composition, fructose is a simple sugar or fruit sugar that is part of carbohydrates. Its molecule contains 6 carbon atoms. Thus, it belongs to the group of hexoses.

Fructose is a water-soluble crystalline substance, odourless and colourless. With a sweet taste, it is primarily found in berries, pome fruits and certain vegetables. Its proportion can vary from one fruit to another. For instance, 100g of apples contain 6g of fructose.

Fructose is derived from plant starches for the production of artificial sweeteners. Fructose is produced from corn starch hydrolysate by partial enzymatic conversion of glucose into fructose. This is done using a glucose isomerase enzyme preparation. Unlike industrial sugars, this ingredient has a low glycaemic index. This is lower than that of glucose.

Due to its chemical and physical properties, fructose is particularly used in the food industry. Being hygroscopic, it has affinities with water. It is soluble at low temperatures and promotes condensation, making it an interesting humectant agent for the biscuit, bakery and confectionery industries.

Fructose: What is its purpose?

Fructose is a humectant agent. When incorporated into a skincare product, it stabilises the water content within its packaging and after application.

Fructose is also used in syrup form as a flavouring agent in various preparations. Its chemical structure allows it to retain water molecules along its entire length. It removes moisture from the skin.

Furthermore, fructose is a topical exfoliant that removes dirt and microbes present on the skin. It sanitises it by eliminating dead cells. Thus, it makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Fructose also has conditioning properties. Once applied to the skin, it creates a film on the surface to protect it from environmental factors.

Fructose also serves as an ally for hair, as it provides hydration.

Fructose: In which skincare products can it be found?

Fructose is present in many skincare products such as:

  • The cream masks or gels;

  • Facial lotions and tonics;

  • Body milks and creams;

  • Foundation makeup;

  • Eye makeup;

  • Facial creams.

Furthermore, fructose can be used in hair care, bath care, and cleansing care. Our purifying cleansing gel with zinc and bamboo extract contains it. People with combination to oily skin can use it.


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