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What is "Cocos Nucifera Oil" and what is its utility?

What is "Cocos Nucifera Oil" and what is its utility?

The Cocos Nucifera Oil is an ingredient often mentioned on labels. In other languages, it is referred to as "Aceite de coco", "Coconut oil", "Olio di cocco", or even "Kokosnussöl". What is this ingredient and what is its use? We provide some explanations regarding Cocos Nucifera oil.

What is Cocos Nucifera Oil?

The Cocos Nucifera Oil is the INCI designation for coconut oil, which is extracted from the coconut nut. A source of fatty acids, it contains:

  • Lauric acid (a fatty acid with nourishing and hydrating properties);

  • Myristic acid (a saturated fatty acid used in skincare for its protective, cleansing, and smoothing properties);

  • Palmitic acid (a fatty acid used in skincare formulations due to its emollient, cleansing, and emulsifying properties).

Coconut oil also contains oleic, linoleic and stearic acids.

Cocos Nucifera Oil is obtained through the pressing of coconut pulp. It is a 'concrete' oil, meaning it solidifies when the ambient temperature drops below 20°C.

What is the utility of Cocos Nucifera Oil?

Cocos Nucifera Oil boasts numerous benefits for the skin, thanks to its fatty acids that closely resemble the lipids naturally found in human skin. This oil has moisturising, antioxidant, and emollient properties. It is used in both hair and skin care. It facilitates hair styling, leaving the hair soft, shiny, and flexible. It also adds volume, shine, and lightness to the hair.

Containing vitamins A and E, coconut oil has antioxidant properties. It protects against free radicals while stimulating cellular renewal. Thus, it helps to combat premature skin ageing.

Coconut oil also alleviates sunburn-related burns and blocks approximately 20% of ultraviolet rays. However, it is not sufficient to provide complete sun protection for the skin.

Coconut oil is used in treatments such as shampoos, hair oils, deodorants, and even tanning preparations.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for the skin and hair?

Coconut oil easily penetrates the epidermis to nourish and hydrate it. It is suitable for dry and damaged skin. Thanks to its tocopherol content, it protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by the environment. Coconut oil also protects the skin from fungi and bacteria.

Also used as a hair care product, coconut oil promotes growth while improving the texture of the hair.

The Cocos Nucifera Oil is a plant-based oil. It notably contains saturated fatty acids which provide numerous benefits when used externally (on the skin and hair). The Cocos Nucifera Oil has the ability to easily penetrate the core of the hair fibre as well as the epidermis to nourish and hydrate.


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