Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Vascular Dark Circles: What Solutions Are There?

Vascular dark circles are characterized by a more or less dark purplish pigmentation under the eyes. Certain factors accentuate them, such as lack of sleep. Here's how to recognize them and get the right treatment.

What Causes Them?

The area under the eyes can appear purple or bluish because the skin is so thin that it allows the color of the subcutaneous capillaries to show through. When blood microcirculation is slowed down, the capillaries fill with blood and dilate, making the blood vessels under the eye more visible through the skin. In addition, poor lymphatic circulation prevents proper drainage of blood pigments that accumulate and shine through the eyelid skin. In short, when blood and lymph vessels are clogged, bluish vascular dark circles appear.

Who Is Affected by Vascular Dark Circles?

Light skin is the most prone to vascular under eye circles, as the skin tone of these people more easily reveals the bluish pigmentation. Scientific studies have shown a genetic component, but also a major influence of lifestyle. Thus, it is advisable to avoid anything that contributes to vasodilation, such as smoking, alcohol and lack of sleep.

How to Treat Vascular Dark Circles?

The goal of a vascular dark circles treatment is to activate the blood microcirculation, to facilitate the drainage of pigments, and reduce capillary congestion. There are many useful hints and of course molecules that have the power to stimulate blood and lymphatic microcirculation. But above all, to prevent the appearance of dark circles, you must start by adopting a healthy lifestyle: get enough sleep, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, and limit screen time.

To fade vascular dark circles, you can apply a caffeine-concentrated serum or eye contour cream morning and night. This active ingredient will boost blood circulation in the eye contour area and will also accelerate lymphatic drainage, thus stimulating the elimination of toxins and accumulated waste.To optimize the effectiveness of the dark circles treatment and revive the tissues, the ideal is to apply it by performing a small massage or a light tapping under the eyes. This promotes its penetration and activates the natural functions of the skin so that the blood circulates better.

However, if all these efforts to eliminate dark circles are not satisfactory enough, it is possible to mask them. Certain makeup techniques can correct the bluish appearance of vascular dark circles. For this, choose our high coverage concealer, which will help to reduce the blue areas of the face. In addition to unifying the eye contour and correcting the complexion, this treatment is enriched with cornflower water, niacinamide, and caffeine to have a lasting effect on the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


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