Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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The benefits of hair exfoliation.

Hair exfoliation is a beauty routine to adopt, regardless of your hair type, and especially if they are oily and unbalanced. Its purpose is to lift dead skin cells and rid your scalp of impurities. Here are the benefits of hair exfoliation.

1. Hair exfoliation combats oily scalps.

While it is suitable for all hair types, the scalp exfoliation is particularly beneficial for oily hair. Indeed, this care product helps to remove excess sebum and thus limit bacterial proliferation. However, this treatment does not combat hyperseborrhea, for which appropriate treatments should be sought. Although sebum is necessary to form a hydrolipidic barrier to ensure the hydration of the scalp and protect it from external aggressions, an excessive secretion of sebum can lead to itching, the appearance of dandruff or in the worst case, hair loss. Scalp exfoliation thus allows for deep purification of the scalp and helps to avoid having flat hair with an oily appearance.

2. Hair exfoliation aids in the removal of dandruff.

Dandruff is composed of small, persistent and unsightly fragments of dead skin that easily detach from the scalp. It appears when the skin becomes dry or following an inflammation of the scalp. Hair exfoliation helps to remove these flakes thanks to the mechanical action of abrasive micro-grains that work by rubbing against the skin and/or the chemical action of fruit acids. However, it does not in any way treat the cause of dandruff appearance. Specific treatments have been designed to reduce the proliferation of dandruff and regulate desquamation

3. The hair scrub soothes feelings of discomfort.

Oily and dandruff-prone hair often leads to discomforts such as itching and irritation. Performing a scalp scrub is a solution to alleviate these unpleasant sensations. To soothe the scalp and also avoid irritation during exfoliation, opt for a gentle treatment with a light texture combining exfoliating microbeads with soothing agents. For instance, the scalp exfoliant from Typology contains aloe vera, peppermint essential oil and eucalyptus globulus essential oil.

4. Hair exfoliation promotes hair growth.

By clearing the pores of impurities and dead cells, the hair scrub thus allows for a healthy and balanced scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. Moreover, thanks to the massaging action performed on the scalp, the exfoliating micro-particles stimulate the scalp's blood circulation, allowing the blood vessels to provide the hair fibre with all the necessary nutrients for its good health and hair growth, and also to oxygenate the scalp. The hair scrub then allows to boost hair growth.

5. Hair exfoliation revives dull hair.

On a daily basis, the skin of the scalp is subjected to pollution, an overload of hair care products, dust, and dead cells, which over time can dull the hair by clogging the skin's pores. However, exfoliating your scalp is a way to restore shine to your hair. Even though shampoo is designed to clean the hair, it is not sufficient to completely remove dead cells and eliminate stubborn impurities, whereas exfoliation effectively and gently removes all these impurities contained on the scalp. It thus contributes to making the scalp healthier and more stimulated, thereby resulting in shinier and more radiant hair thanks to better oxygenation of the scalp and activation of the micro-blood circulation.

6. Hair exfoliation enhances the penetration of haircare products.

A scalp exfoliant serves to rid the hair fibre of dead cells, dandruff, excess sebum and all other impurities (residues from pollution and hair products, dust, etc...) that prevent the scalp from fully receiving and benefiting from other hair treatments (shampoos, masks, detangling creams, hair oils, treatment serums, etc...). Indeed, once the scalp skin is purified and the roots are detached, the other hair products used in the hair care routine will work better and their effectiveness will be optimised.


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