Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Le squalane pour les enfants, les bébés ?

Is squalane safe for children?

Published February 20, 2024, by Maylis, Chemical Engineer — 2 min read

Parents today expect transparency from brands, especially as many are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about ingredients.

The plant-derived squalane present in some of our products is a natural emollient, non-comedogenic and high-performance, which can replace certain controversial emollients in baby/child care products.

It is important to understand that the skin of babies is different from that of adults, as it is not fully developed. Babies have a immature skin barrier. This skin barrier is more permeable and more vulnerable. Hydrating their stratum corneum is crucial during the first six months of their life. Indeed, babies present a higher risk of infection, absorption, and thermoregulation failure.

Interestingly, the vernix, which is the coating of a baby's skin towards the end of pregnancy, contains 22% squalene. This moisturising and protective barrier is typically removed by washing immediately after birth.

The application of squalane on baby skin can be particularly beneficial, as this compound is perfectly absorbed and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. It maintains the hydration levels of the epidermis and helps regulate water balance. Moreover, it does not promote bacterial growth that can lead to atopic dermatitis.

Squalane can therefore be safely used in baby and child care products, either in its pure form (100%) or at a lower percentage when combined with other ingredients.

In which skincare products for children and/or babies can we find squalane?

  • Daily hygiene care products, such as wipes, cleansing products, universal balms, or even nourishing oils.

  • This emollient can be incorporated into certain hair care products. Squalane is a silicone-free alternative that smooths and conditions delicate strands without weighing them down.

  • In sun care, squalane assists mineral sunscreen formulas to blend effortlessly while strengthening the skin's natural hydration barrier.


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