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Mode d'utilisation huile d'avocat.

How to use avocado oil?

Rich in active ingredients with beneficial properties for the body, avocado oil was initially used in the culinary field. Nowadays, there are various ways to utilise it in skincare and haircare. Let's explore them together in this article.

What exactly is avocado oil?

Theavocado vegetable oil is obtained by first cold pressing of the kernels of the fruits. It presents itself as a thick oily liquid ranging in colour from yellow to brown, passing through green. Avocado oil has a characteristic mild odour and its touch is quite rich. When the temperature drops (< 20°C), the oil solidifies and becomes almost solid. Its composition is rich in interesting active ingredients, notably in fatty acids and tocopherols (vitamin E). This natural ingredient has been used since the Middle Ages and was employed by the Aztecs for its virtues for the skin and hair.

The application of avocado oil on the skin.

Thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, avocado vegetable oil has nourishing and protective properties for the skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is particularly recommended for dry skin. Indeed, these do not produce enough lipids, which weakens their natural barrier. However, the linoleic acid enriched in avocado oil is capable of reacting with the ceramides of the horny layer through an esterification reaction, during which the linoleic acid and lipids bind, forming the skin's waterproof barrier.

Furthermore, the application of avocado oil also helps to combat skin sagging. Rich in Vitamin E and carotenoids, antioxidant compounds, this natural extract eliminates free radicals from cells and prevents them from causing damage to DNA and proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Finally, theavocado oil is a friend against stretch marks. As a preventative measure, it can be used on the stomach, breasts, thighs, and buttocks. Avocado oil indeed protects the skin from dehydration, making it more supple and elastic, and thus reducing its sensitivity to the sudden distension it undergoes during pregnancy.

How to apply avocado oil?

  • Pure.

    In prevention of skin ageing, the appearance of stretch marks, or to nourish your skin, you can apply pure avocado oil to your face or body. To do this, take a few drops of oil and apply them over the entire area. Then gently massage in a circular motion so that the oil is effectively absorbed by the skin.

    Avocado oil can notably be used as the final step in your routine, replacing your moisturiser. It can also be used as a makeup remover. In the evening, apply the avocado oil by massaging it into the areas you have applied makeup. Then rinse with clear water. Your skin is then clean and free from accumulated impurities.

  • Diluted in a cream.

    You can also use avocado oil in synergy with your moisturising cream or your stretch mark cream. To do this, take a small amount of cream in the palm of your hand and add one or two drops of avocado oil. You can then apply the treatment by gently massaging it in and benefit from its nourishing properties.

Avocado oil for taking care of one's hair.

Theavocado vegetable oil can provide benefits to dry and brittle hair. Composed mainly of oleic acid (omega-9), avocado oil can supply this. In addition, it contains saturated fatty acids whose structure is similar to that of the lipids in the cuticle, allowing them to insert and strengthen it. In doing so, avocado oil promotes impermeability and cohesion of this layer, as well as the overall protection of the hair fibre. Solidified, it reflects more light, which gives shine to the hair.

How to use avocado oil for hair application?

  • In an oil bath.

    In order to deeply nourish the hair, avocado vegetable oil can be used purely as an oil bath. Carried out once or twice a week, it will strengthen and restore shine to the hair. To do this, apply a few drops of avocado vegetable oil, strand by strand, from mid-lengths to ends, and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Do not apply too much oil to avoid the risk of weighing down your hair. You can then proceed with a shampoo.

  • As a mask.

    To enjoy all the hair benefits of avocado vegetable oil in a rich and creamy texture, Typology has developed a repairing hair mask. This treatment is enriched with biomimetic ceramides (INCI name: Behenyl/Stearyl Aminopropanediol Esters) and avocado oil (INCI name: Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil) which deeply repair and nourish the hair fibre to soften the hair and prevent the appearance of split ends. This mask should be used 1 to 2 times per week and applied to washed and towel-dried hair from mid-lengths to ends. Leave it on for about ten minutes before rinsing.

Avocado oil for protecting one's nails.

The numerous nourishing agents contained within the avocado vegetable oil make its application beneficial for nails. It is ideal for strengthening or repairing them if they are brittle or begin to split.

How to apply avocado oil on the nails?

  • Through massage.

    To strengthen your nails, you can apply a drop of avocado oil to each one daily and massage until fully absorbed. After a few days, your nails will appear stronger.

  • As an oil bath or as a mask.

    It is also possible to allow avocado oil to work for a longer period by using it as an oil bath or a hydrating mask. For the bath, soak your nails in avocado oil for about twenty minutes. This method may be somewhat inconvenient, but it is nonetheless effective. There is also another technique, more practical: wrapping your nails, coated in avocado oil, in cling film overnight.


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