Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Comment prévenir l’apparition de boutons de chaleur ?

How To Prevent Heat Rash?

During summer, high temperatures and sweating favor the development of heat rashes. But what exactly are they? How can you prevent heat rash yourself? Typology answers your questions in this article.

Heat Rashes: Origin, Causes and Definition

Heat rashes, also known as “Miliaria sudoralis” or “Bourbouilles” in medical jargon, are common, normally harmless skin conditions that subside naturally after one to two days.

What do they look like? They can appear as small, transparent blisters that look like water droplets, or red pimples. They are mainly found on uncovered areas (forehead, neck, upper body, hands, feet...) and in folds such as the armpits or groin.

What causes them? Heat rashes are caused by excessive sweating associated with high temperatures. When it's hot, the sweat glands produce a lot of sweat, which clogs the sweat ducts, resulting in these red pimples. So, it is a natural reaction of the skin to remove the sweat that accumulates under the epidermis.

This phenomenon can affect anyone, but is especially common in infants and young children. Even though heat rashes are harmless, they can cause discomfort due to itching. There are some things you can do to prevent the occurrence of heat pimples.

How Can You Prevent the Occurrence of Heat Rash?

As mentioned earlier, these pimples are not bad, but they can be uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly. Here are some tips on how you can limit their development:

  • Wear loose and light clothing

    In the summer months, it is recommended to wear loose clothing so that the skin can better remove sweat, and does not clog the sweat ducts. Moreover, tight clothing causes friction, which only aggravates potential irritation from heat rashes.

  • Limit exposure to UV rays

    Prolonged exposure to the sun often leads to excessive sweating, which in turn can cause heat rashes.

  • Don't apply sunscreen that has too greasy a texture

    This can encourage the blockage of sweat gland ducts, leading to heat pimples. Typology's sunscreens have a light, fluid texture. They leave no white marks and are made of 82% ingredients of natural origin. For the face and body, they offer broad-spectrum protection (SPF30 and SPF50).

  • Dry off after every swim

    In the summer, swimming is a way to relax and lower your body heat. However, make sure you dry off well when you go out, as moisture promotes the development of heat pimples.

  • Avoid exercising in the sun.

    Physical activities are energy-consuming for the body and cause sweating. Playing sports in the sun will promote sweating and thus increase sweating.

  • Follow hygiene rules

    Apart from sweat, other impurities that accumulate on the skin can also clog the sweat ducts. Therefore, to prevent heat rash, stay clean and wash daily.


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