Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Comment éviter les désagréments du rasoir ?

How to avoid the discomforts of shaving?

Shaving is a common practice among both men and women. However, it often leads to specific problems such as spots, redness, and irritation. To prevent these kinds of discomfort, there are certain tips!


Skin preparation is essential.

Shaving should always be performed on skin that has been previously cleansed. This basic rule is sometimes overlooked. However,it is crucial to minimise the risk of irritation and the development of ingrown hairs.

For the face, you could, for instance, use our rebalancing cleansing care with nettle or if you prefer a gel texture, the purifying cleansing gel. Concentrated with purifying active ingredients such as zinc PCA, this cleansing gel sanitises the skin, regulates sebum production and limits the development of blemishes.

In terms of body areas, the anti-blemish shower gel Glycolic Acid 6% + Tea Tree Extract is ideal before a shaving session as it is concentrated with exfoliating and purifying active ingredients that will unclog pores and fight against the appearance of ingrown hairs. However, more sensitive skins will prefer theshower oil for lipid-replenishment which contains vitamins (E+F) and bitter almond extract. As an antioxidant, this treatment restores suppleness to the epidermis and reduces feelings of tightness while delicately scenting the skin with a light almond fragrance.

A few simple rules to remember!

Discomfort often results from improper actions and the use of unsuitable skincare products. By adhering to certain rules, shaving can be carried out under optimal conditions. This way, you can prevent various skin discomforts (ingrown hairs, pimples, redness, bleeding, cuts, irritations...).

  • How to choose your razor?

    For the beard, it is preferable to choose an electric model. Otherwise, for other areas to shave, favour razors equipped with three blades for easier gliding and to avoid having to go over the same area multiple times.

  • In which direction should one shave?

    Regarding the beard, it is advised to shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid cuts. Shaving against the direction of hair growth is recommended for the legs, underarms, and bikini area. The shave will be closer and this will save you from going over the same area multiple times. Remember, in all cases, if you are prone to ingrown hairs, always epilate in the direction of hair regrowth ! Also, ensure that the movements are gentle and consistent.

  • What is the ideal time to shave?

    It is recommended to shave after showering. In this way, the hairs are much softer. Additionally, the hot water will open the pores for a comfortable shave. If you do not plan on taking a shower, it is preferable to wet the areas to be shaved with hot water beforehand.

  • Do not neglect skincare during shaving!

    Shaving with water alone increases the risk of irritation and cuts. Always use a shaving foam or gel when you shave. This product will create a protective barrier between the razor blade and your skin: it thus reduces friction and therefore the risk of cuts. Moreover, the presence of foam helps you identify the areas you have already covered. This prevents you from going over the same area multiple times and thus irritating your skin. Shaving foam is best suited for normal or oily skin. However, if you have dry skin, it is recommended to use a gel.

  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week.

    We cannot stress this enough! Exfoliation is crucial as it stimulates cellular renewal and removes accumulated keratinocytes on the surface of the epidermis, preventing pore blockage. This makes it easier for hairs to penetrate the horny layer and prevents them from curling under the skin. Moreover, scrubbing brings out subcutaneous hairs, allowing for a closer shave. For the face, you can use the radiance scrub with rosehip oil and organic carrot macerate. For body areas, we have developed an nourishing scrub as well as a toning scrub based on organic green coffee macerate (draining) and organic lemongrass and cedar essential oils (anti-cellulite).

  • Maintaining one's shaving equipment.

    A poorly maintained blade is the cause of many inconveniences. Your shaving session will not proceed as it should. Normally, a single stroke is enough to shave the hairs in each area. However, with a blade already saturated with hairs and impurities, several strokes will be necessary. Also, avoid using a rusty or damaged blade so as not to unnecessarily harm the skin.

    Tip! Do not leave your razor in a damp place as bacteria will multiply much faster on the surface of the blades. After each shave, it is recommended to rinse your razor, dry it and keep it away from moisture.


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