Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Hollow or Sunken Eyes: What Treatments Are There?

Hollow or Sunken Eyes: What Treatments Are There?

Hollow eyes are special dark circles that are not related to hyperpigmentation. They can be recognized by a “shadow” under the eyes. This is a particular structure of the face, which emphasizes the hollow under the eyes and makes the contours of the eye socket more visible. There are solutions! We help you find the right hollow under eye treatment. 

What Are the Causes for Sunken Eyes?

As we age, the thin layer of subcutaneous fat located at the level of the lower eyelid melts. The face becomes skinny, emphasizing the natural hollow under the eyes. It can also be hereditary, associated with a characteristic face shape. This hollow, or sunken eye, with the play of light and shadow on the face, appears black. If the light comes from above, a shadow will appear under your eyes. On the contrary, frontal lighting will attenuate this effect.

Who Is Affected by Hollow Eyes?

There is no typical profile. Hollow eyes can have a genetic origin, or they can develop progressively over time as a result of changes in bone structure.

What Are the Treatments for Hollow Eyes?

Makeup will not plump up hollow eyes, nor will a caffeine treatment. Instead, it is of particular importance to moisturize this area with an eye contour cream for sunken eyes, highly concentrated in coenzyme Q10. Also known as ubiquinone, this coenzyme, which is naturally present in the body, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents the breakdown of collagen and the loss of skin elasticity. The Q10 will thus boost the look and prevent the formation of the first fine lines. This product also contains prickly pear oil, a powerful tightening and firming treatment thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids. It is also appreciated for its antioxidant properties. 
To go even further, it is possible to use hyaluronic acid injections to treat hollow under eyes. However, this treatment is temporary and therefore needs to be repeated. A surgical treatment for sunken eyesis also possible. It consists of injecting one's own fat into the hollow of the eye contour and restoring volume.


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