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Huile de noisette : une solution contre l'acné

Hazelnut Oil: A Solution Against Acne

The virtues of hazelnut oil are numerous. However, like jojoba oil, it is particularly valued for its action against skin problems such as acne and hyperseborrhea. How does it manage to combat this skin disorder? Elements of the answer are provided in this article.

What exactly is acne?

Acne is adiseasethat is inflammatoryand chronicin nature, characterised by theinflammation ofhair-sebaceous follicles.It results from various abnormalities such as overproduction of sebum, theblockage of the follicular canal and theinflammation. This disorder is often triggered by stress, pollution and hormones. An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, smoking, unbalanced diet, poor hygiene...) can also trigger or worsen acne. This condition exists in various forms. Common cases include:

  • Theretentional acne which is the root cause of oily skin, enlarged pores, and microcysts;

  • Theinflammatory acne, caused by an imbalance in the skin flora, leading to the appearance of papules, pustules, and nodules;

  • Theacne conglobata or nodulocystic acne, a severe disorder characterised by deep and infected lesions.

Hazelnut oil is primarily a solution for combating retentional acne. Other forms of acne often require more potent compounds, such as retinoic acid, which is only available on prescription.

What is the role of hazelnut oil in mitigating acne?

Hazelnut oil is a solution for combating and preventing acne. It is particularly recommended for combination to oily skin types. However, all skin types can use it.

To combat acne, hazelnut oil acts at the source. Indeed, obtained by cold pressing, it is particularly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids such as the oleic acid (also known as omega 9), present in a mass fraction ranging from 71 to 87%. Now, this lipid is part of the natural composition of sebum, a substance secreted by the body to counteract the dryness of the skin and hair. Oleic acid is therefore recognised by the constituents of the skin, and thus penetrates deeply to regulate sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

Furthermore, thanks to its dry texture, hazelnut vegetable oil has the advantage of leaving no oily residue.It is non-comedogenic (comedogenicity index = 0), meaning it does not clog pores and therefore does not promote the appearance of blackheads. It is an excellent ally for combination to oily skin types. Ourhazelnut vegetable oilis derived from the cold pressing of hazelnuts grown inFranceusing organic farming methods. This treatment can serve as a night cream, to be used after a serum among other things. Simply apply a few drops of oil to your face using a cotton pad or directly with your fingers.

Furthermore, due to its sebum-regulating activity on combination to oily skin, hazelnut oil is also included in two treatments designed for these skin types:

  • Thepurifying botanical blendwithpeony, whichpurifies and regenerates the skin during your sleep. This serum is applied at the end of your evening beauty routine, just before bedtime, on clean and dry skin.

  • Theanti-blemish serumcontaining 1% bakuchiol is designed to reduce spots due to its antibacterial action. This treatment can be applied morning and evening, preferably at the end of the routine, before the day/night cream.


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