Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Céramides peaux sèches.

Ceramides, the solution for dry skin.

Dry, dull and irritated skin... these are the signs of a disrupted skin balance. If you wish to address these discomforts, ceramides present themselves as a solution to overcome this issue.

Dry skin = skin lacking in ceramides.

Ceramides are fatty acids that make up about 80% of the skin. For the production of facial and body care products, they are extracted from vegetable oils, including sunflower oil and jojoba oil. Ceramides can also be obtained through synthesis or by fermentation. They possess a moisturising property. As a result, they help to rehydrate your skin and make it radiant. You will no longer have a problem with dry skin as your pores will be dilated.

Topical ceramide supplementation as a solution for dry skin.

Ceramides are fatty substances that belong to the sphingolipid family. They are major constituents of the intercellular cement (up to 50%), where they ensure good cohesion of the cells in the corneal layer, along with cholesterol and free fatty acids. They thus form the skin barrier that retains water in the skin and blocks the entry of harmful substances. They therefore create a firm, supple and bouncy texture of the skin.

Dry and damaged lips: Typology's restorative and nourishing lip mask.

Applied before bedtime, our repairing lip mask is an excellent complement to lip balm. This intense lipid-replenishing treatment has been formulated to meet the intense needs of instantly soothing and comforting dry and damaged lips, while strengthening the skin's protective barrier. Using it thus allows you to enjoy beautifully nourished and soft-to-touch lips, while covering them with a subtle veil.

This mask provides the skin of the lips with a good dose of hydration, offers them deep regeneration, and makes them soft and supple. This rich and creamy mask is developed withhyaluronic acid (INCI name: Sodium Hyaluronate) for moisturising and plumping, ceramides for repair (INCI name: Ceramides NG) and mango butter (INCI name: Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter) for nourishment. It rehydrates, nourishes, prevents discomfort due to dryness and tightness, and soothes irritations.

The essential ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: sourced from the fermentation of wheat, it is used to restore hydration levels and plump up the lips.

  • Mango Butter: Softening and nourishing, the mango butter is rich in saturated fatty acids to help regenerate and repair dry lips, as well as maintain skin suppleness.

  • Ceramides: restructuring, they are recognised for compensating the natural low content of ceramides.

When should it be used? Dry, damaged, dehydrated, tight lips.

The correct usage techniques:

For evening use, apply the lip mask on clean skin in a thick layer all night, preceded by the lip peel. Use twice a week.


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