Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Can we remove makeup in the shower?

Can we remove makeup in the shower?

Makeup removal is a crucial step in the beauty routine. It provides the assurance of maintaining a skin that radiates health. It is important to adopt the right techniques for makeup removal. How to remove makeup correctly? Is it possible to remove makeup in the shower? Everything you need to know about makeup removal in the shower.

Why is it important to cleanse your face every day?

Removing makeup every evening is essential for makeup enthusiasts and even those who do not wear makeup. The end-of-day cleansing step should not be skipped to prevent the appearance of comedones or pimples. Indeed, removing makeup eliminates impurities that stick to the face throughout the day. This step also rids the skin of the excess sebum it naturally produces. Whether you wear makeup or not, remember to cleanse your face morning and evening.

Is it possible to remove makeup in the shower?

There is nothing more satisfying than removing makeup under the shower. All the impurities and dirt that have clung to the face throughout the day are eliminated in a matter of minutes. However, this action can have negative effects on the skin. If the makeup removers or cleansers used are harmless, the temperature of the water is the culprit.

Hot water, when directly sprayed onto the face, can damage the hydrolipidic film and weaken the skin. On the contrary, it is recommended to wash the face with cold water, which is known to optimise microcirculation. This, in turn, helps to tighten the skin's pores and maintain soft and clear skin.

Removing makeup in the shower: the new beauty routine.

Due to time constraints, many choose to remove their makeup in the shower. This is now possible thanks to the innovations of certain skincare manufacturers. All-in-one treatments are thus emerging, allowing in particular to remove makeup from the eyes and face in one single step. In some formulas, the combination of an oleogel and a hydrogel eliminates all makeup molecules. Pleasant to use, this type of makeup remover provides a sensation of softness. Unlike a soap or shower gel, it does not destabilise the skin's balance.

How to remove makeup with a shower-based makeup remover?

The shower makeup remover is typically available in two versions: one for sensitive skin and another suitable for all skin types. Here's how to use it:

  • Apply the makeup remover to dry eyes using your fingertips in circular motions. You should feel your eyelashes becoming softer.

  • Apply a dollop of the treatment evenly on the dry face.

  • Then, rinse with warm water.

It's worth noting that some shower makeup removers are enriched with Vitamin E or Dexpanthenol.


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