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Are your eyelashes too short, straight or fragile? Boost them.

Are your eyelashes too short, straight or fragile? Boost them.

Short, straight or brittle, eyelashes rarely have a nature that satisfies. However, there are simple and natural solutions to improve their appearance and by extension... that of your gaze.

The role of these eyelashes.

Before investing in cosmetics intended to enhance the nature of your eyelashes, it is crucial to fully understand their needs and to avoid as much as possible the use of promising products that could potentially be harmful in the long term. Prior to any application of a treatment at the lash line, remember to test a small amount beforehand on the inside of your wrist to react promptly in case of irritation or allergic reaction.

The risk is necessarily reduced by favouring skincare products that contain the fewest possible ingredients, with a natural origin close to 100%. To start a gentle treatment, begin by applying Vaseline, castor oil, or a serum specifically designed to boost growth to your eyelashes daily. However, you will need to be patient, as the results will not be visible for several weeks.

Mascara or Masquerade: How to Choose Correctly?

If you consider the application of mascara essential to thicken and lengthen your lashes, pay attention to the shape of the brush and favour the more curved ones to maximise the opening of your gaze. As much as possible, turn to organic products and be wary of coating actives. If your lashes are stiff and straight, choose a mascara equipped with small cylinder brushes, which are more manageable and likely to reach hard-to-access areas. Finally, sparse lashes will need a bushy brush and a creamier texture to simultaneously provide them with length and volume.

Eye, my beautiful eye, some basic advice.

If the secret to voluminous lashes lies in the range of chosen products, a few application tips can also greatly enhance the desired effect:

  • Apply your mascara to the upper part of your eyelashes, focusing on the outer tips to enlarge your gaze.

  • Proceed slowly during application, allowing the brush to rest for a few seconds on the roots before stretching upwards.

  • Perform slight zigzags to prevent the formation of "clumps" on your eyelashes and to allow for an even distribution.

  • Avoid "pumping" the mascara in the tube, as this could encourage air entry. This, in turn, could risk prematurely drying out the product.

  • To intensify the gaze, draw a light line of eyeliner on the eyelid, close to the lash line. They will instantly appear more abundant.


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